January 25th, 2007

<3 the body mods

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i've been trying to make the same icons as this & this with my own caps of the same film, but they are simply not working out. any suggestions? i'm so puzzled! i'm too shy too ask the maker, so any help would be very appreciated. i use photoshop and thank you in advance for help!

these icons were by backseaticons


I was experimenting with colors and I like what I did... I decided to make a coloring tutorial so I can remember how I did it too. This is my first tutorial, so sorry if its hard to follow. I'm freaking tired. @___@

Made using Photoshop 7.

HERE @ black_fluid.
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Textures question for PS CS2

I hate to be asking more questions, but here I am again. Oh well, LOL. I just have a question about using textures in PS CS2. After I download them onto my computer, how do I get them into Photoshop? Do I have to define it as a pattern? If so, how would I do that? I figure it's probably the same as defining brushes, but I'm not sure. If anyone can help that would make so happy. :) Thanks for all the help you guys have given this poor n00b so far, it's much appreciated.
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I'm sorry I'm posting this here, but I really can't find any good photoshop communities in here, and since most of the people who post here are photoshop users, I thought I'd ask here.

I've recently acquired Photoshop CS2 and am a longtime PSP7 user. So, making the transition hasn't been terribly hard, but breaking old habits from PSP use is...

The biggest problem I am having in Photoshop right now is pasting new images. Like, anytime I want to paste a second image into my workspace, I can't or it pastes as a layer on top of my current image. Or if I cut something out of an image, and want to paste is as a new image, I cannot.

It's so simple in PSP: Ctrl V, Ctrl L, Ctrl E, Shift Ctrl E, Shirt Crl L.....

But is CS2---I can't do any of this...can someone please offer me some tips.

It's bad enough I have to get used to the history option for multiple undo (as opposed to the multiple undo/redo button in PSP7)

Thanks so much in advance, and if you can direct me to any good PS or PS CS2 Communities here in LJ (or even good online tuts) I would love you forever.

Sorry for posting this here, but thanks again in advance!!
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