January 26th, 2007

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ImageReady problem

I need help with Adobe ImageReady 9.0.

I have been creating a lot of animated graphics lately and I keep running into the same annoying problem. Sometimes (what appears to be very randomly) when I open an .avi file in IR, all that the clip shows me are white frames of DOOM!, as you can see on this screen capture of the whiteness *hisses*

It only happens with some .avi files and I can't find a pattern as to why I get the white frames. I have uploaded the tiny clip I was trying to work with when I took the screen capture HERE and I would really appreciate it if someone else tried to open that same clip in their IR to see if it's just a problem with the clip or if it's something to do with my IR.

So yeah, if someone knows of an explanation to why some .avi files don't work and might even know how to fix this problem, I would be so thankful!! I have a few clips I really want to work with and it's a total drag if there is no way to fix this :(
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Bright happy colorizing tutorial needed.

I've tried all my old standby's, but am getting nowhere.
I want to take Collapse )

and make them bright and colorful, as is the style these days.

See examples of Collapse )

...and I can't find many others this late at night, but you know where I'm going with this hopefully. It's just the cap which is giving me dreadful issues.

Thank you,
and btw, I use PS 7.
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Tutorial: english/spanish

Hi! Wat's up? I'm here with a new tutorial. Hope you like it. Made with Photoshop CS using selective colors. (the result depends of your image)
I prefer you take your own base and not my base please. Thanks! -> Prefiero que utiliceis vuestra propia base y no pilleis esta por favor. ¡Gracias!

From thisTo this

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Selective coloring tutorials?

Hi everyone, I usually post tutorials here and there, but today I am requesting one if it's okay? I would like to know more about selective coloring...I've seen some amazing graphics done by it. I am pretty sure that this was done with selective coloring.

So, if any of you have some really good high quality selective coloring tutorials saved, or if you've made them yourself, would you mind posting the links? I don't want to be behind in what current trends that are going on sice I get asked to make graphics for people. I'd really appreciate it... :)
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(no subject)

Hi! I'm a long time lurker of this community (btw, you guys make AWESOME tutorials), and I looked through the archives but I can't find out how to do it.

My friend's playing Storm and she wants to use Gina Torres, but I don't know how to recolor her hair white (an example picture of the girl will be under the cut). Can anybody help me?

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Tutorial #5!

It's been awhile since I've done a tutorial, let alone an icon tut. So, here it is :D. It's fairly simple...ish. Just requires a fair amount of patience. Requested by wwe_baby.

I'm using PS7 for this icon, however, I'm sure you can translate it to PSP or whatever. I've stopped using PSP, so don't ask me what to do there please, hahah.

This tutorial uses selective coloring, but it's optional.

( Oh, I don't wanna keep on wishin', missin' the still of the morning, the colors of the night... )

Other icons made with similar effect:
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