January 29th, 2007


Help please!!

Can someone explain how to make icons like this

by loveyunho

to me please? I am a complete and utter newbie when it comes to making icons and I'd really like to make animated icons. Oh...I use photoshop 7 and ImageReady. Thanks in advance!!
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any ideas?

i am still learning to use photoshop cs2,have been using psp alot, and i was wondering if anyone had any toots for a complete beginner? i have tried on my own but unfortunatly they mostly come looking quite dull. so any help and/or advice would be nice...thanks.
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kristen || wonder

(no subject)

Hey! I'm sorry if this is off-topic, I'll delete it if anyone wants me to.

But I need some help and I figured you Photoshop-savvy talented people can help me!

Okay, I was making some banners earlier, and when I finishing my final banner, the size of the font for the font tool got EXTREMELY tiny. I tried to fix it but it didn't work. No, it's not on size 6 font or anything. It seems no matter what size font I put it on, it's so tiny.

This has got me extremely upset, and I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix it.

Thank you.♥
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PSP9 Tutorial

• I use PSP9. Minus the radial blur effect (only PSP9+), this is translateable to other versions of PSP. Maybe translateable to PS.
• Semi-image heavy.
• Fairly text heavy..
• Intermediate-Advance. (Lots of Adjustment Layers)
• Any questions? Please ask!

NOTE: You won't be getting exact settings. I'll be rounding all my numbers to the nearest 10th, seeing as each image is different this is the best way I think that will get you to play around with your image and the settings. This is a fun coloring, but definitely needs to be played around with. I'll show where the tinkering needs to take place. Everything that is in Italics are my little notes, ..... there are a lot of Italics. And also, I had to remake the icon because some of the changes I made weren't as new adjustment layers, so the icon isn't exactly as the one I made intially.



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Cat Eye
  • tsaress

Ipod icons

I'm interested in making some ipod related icons very much like the ijack icon I have seen about the place.
Using the outline of a celb.

I've looked thought the turtorials and I can't seem to find anything can someone point me in the right directions.
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(no subject)

A requested tutorial for the coloring in many of my Jensen and Jared TCA Winter Tour icons. We'll make this one:

Photoshop CS // Selective Colors* // Difficulty: Medium

*Instead of just giving you the numbers I input for selective colors, I've explained step by step why I've increased this and decreased that. I hope you'll find it useful; it's so much better to learn the WHY behind selective colors rather than just inputting numbers like a drone!

Yunoki x Hino : *emos*

Help with a PSP7 problem...

I don't know what happened but...my PSP7 program no longer shows that layer indicator thingy...that option which displays what layer I'm working on? It was still working this morning but suddenly it disappeared and won't come back even when I tried restarting. I was wondering if this problem ever happened to anyone before or if anyone knows how to fix it? Please help me... T_T;

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