January 30th, 2007

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Pretty Tutorial (If I do say so myself, and I do)

I made this tutorial so long ago I don't know if I ever posted and if I did I don't remember, so I offer it up again. It's very easy, and it scares me how simple it is compared to the icons I make now. Still this is one of my favorite icons however simple it may be! A friend asked me how to I made this icon so I decided to make a little tutorial. It's not really little it's pretty wordy/picture heavy because I wanted to be specific. I used Adobe Photoshop CS but it should transfer to PS7 and possibly PSP9. Enjoy!

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hey guys :)

found this:

I wish I could remember where at. And I was just wondering if anybody had an idea how to get this effect. I was thinking different color layers?! I was playing around for a little bit, but never quite got it!

I'd appreciate it! Thank you soo much!


hello it enchants east LJ to me and I have learned many things *-* ,
I would like to ask since the colorings become of these icons :

as I can obtain these colorings? :'D
PD: i use Photoshop CS2 =D
PD:argggg >w< mi poor english ;o;
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here i go again on my own

(no subject)

Hi, I'm using photoshop cs and imageready.

I have a 400x250 sized banner that I want to add animated text, does the size also have to be be 40k I know it does for icons but what about banners/headers/userinfo?
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HELLO GUYS. i've been having this problem for a while and now it's driven me up the wall just enough to finally ask about it.

nearly every time i open up a blank canvas in photoshop to draw on it, when i get to the edge the lines warp (see [here]). does anyone know what's up? it's really irritating and i've been forced to put extra large strokes on some of my pictures because of it.

i use photoshop 7. thanks in advance, i REALLY appreciate any help i can get on this.
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My computer has been a little weird I'll admit.
However this is pi**ing me off!

I have Photoshop Elements 3.0, with Selective Color/Curves/ect.. additions.

I was working on an image, that involves this tut by hxcfairy at fangirl_loves.
After doing the tutorial, I created a new layer, filled with black and set it to screen, so that when I painted red or yellow hues it would look like glows. But when I went to paint them I got this error:

It wasn't doing that before and I've restarted my computer to see if it was my computer just being a bum. And it wasn't.

So I opened a new image the same size as my image I was working on and when I painted on the background, I get the same error. What freaks me out it still gives me the ability to do everything else. IE: paste, open new, save, sharpen, scan, blur, ect.. but I just can't paint.

The image I'm working on is an image for a graphics challenge. So I can't really show what I'm working on. :/

Anyways, I hope someone can help me please.

Thank you.

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(no subject)

This isn't directly icon-coloring related, but I figured you guys could answer my questions.

Are there any tutorials/tricks to making layouts like these:
http://www.plaid-shorts.org/designs/ (header)

or previous layouts here since I can't remember who made the last two.

I've heard they're made with default photoshop tools, and I really like this style.. I just don't know how to attempt it myself (tools/coloring, etc). Any help would be absolutely amazing.
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Story Time!:

So, I was in PS CS2 the other day and I tried to add some font to a icon. Low and behold, my font is all messed up. NO it is not really tiny. NO it is not really huge. It is, well........completely pixelly, jumbled and weird. I'm wondering, does my PS CS2 just have some weird bug, or is this easily fixable?
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