January 31st, 2007

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This is one of my first experiments in coloring without a tutorial. I thought it was pretty and thought I would share, I hope someone likes it!

From: To:

-Made in PSP7, but easily translated.
-Uses Color Layers, Color Balance and an optional Curves Layer
-7 steps!

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Elinor - SS

POTC3 / Will icon tutorial

I'm sure there are proabably a ton of tutorials for these new promo pics for the new POTC film but I thought I would share mine as well. As far as I know this should be easily translatable. No curves involved.

going from to

find the tutorial at my graphics journal (here)

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Hey ^.^;; I believe once upon a time I saw a tutorial for cleaning up poor quality manga scans, could anyone be able to point me torwards something like this? Thanks for your time ^_^!


How do you make a few layers into a set? So that you can just drag a few layers to anoter image by just dragging the set layer. THANKS!!.

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I'm having a problem with photoshop, (I have PSCS9) for some reason it won't let me paste large images from the clip board into it anymore. I don't know what happened, it was working earlier today and now it's not. I already tried restarting my computer, but it still won't work :\ Any ideas?
brain melt

Understanding Histograms, Levels and Curves

I haven't seen many of this type of tutorial, so I thought this might be useful to some people. An explanation of what an image histogram is, and exactly how tools like Levels and Curves work. Warning, this is long and rather image heavy, though I tried to keep the file sizes small.

- What an image histogram is, and how to read one
- The Levels tool
- PSP's Histogram Adjustment tool
- The Curves tool

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Mariska Hargitay



Go from this (TeeHeeHee) to - in five easy steps!

This may only work well with dark pictures, but you never know! I did a few more, but FAIR WARNING!!!

Some of these pictures are... not explicitly graphic, but very, VERY suggestive. VERY. If that's not something you want to see, don't do it. There's no porn or anything, but you never know.

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