February 3rd, 2007


help needed pls

Hi, I really need your help for this one...
Last Month it was my mother's WEDDING and we made lots of pictures but the problem is
that the pictures look bad, I mean like really really bad, The colors are dark, there is lots of noise, they aren't pretty at all
My mother was pretty sad when she saw them, so I said that I was going to fix them but I can't find a way to make them look better
here are some of the pictures [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
as you can see the quality is really bad is there anyone who can help me to make them look better? (I'm using PS7)
Any Help is more than welcome
thank you !
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Tell me how I did this!

Okay, I keep .PSD versions of all my icons just in case I can't remember how I did them -- well, my computer decided to crash out and I really can't remember how I made a set of icons..

Collapse )

The icons were all created seperately and added to the banner at the end. I know for a fact that curves were not used at all, as I use Photoshop Elements, and I'm (fairly) sure there isn't a curves feature.

If anyone can give me an idea or link to a tutorial that has a similiar style, I'd greatly appreciate it.


luvyuyu posted this wonderful tutorial to achieve this effect, but I can't get it to work in Photoshop CS2.

If anyone knows how I can do so, please let me know! Thanks so much in advance =)
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Because no first tutorial is complete without cheesy pimping:

Are you tired of those images you have hiding away in picture folders, that are awesome shots but look so utterly EW due to the yellow tint marring it?

Have you struggled endlessly for a way to get rid of that harsh yellow and make it more bearable, but haven't found a way yet to do so?

Well, this is the perfect tutorial for you.

Today we will be going...

Using PS7. Selective color and curves layers are used so this probably isn't translatable to anything but photoshopish programs.

(Follow the white rabbit)

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Beauty Retouching

does anyone of you now some good tutorial for beauty retouching?
I would love to try it, but haven´t found anything good. So can you help me?

I use Adobe Photoshop 7 by the way ; )

thank you.


Having trouble with brushes in PS7

I just got a copy of PS7 and I'm having a hard time with brushes. I've used PSP for years and that's so easy... but PS has me stumped. I've read the memories and I'm still having trouble.

I have several brushes I want to use, but I can't them to show up in PS. I tried the way it was suggested in the memories (click open instead of saving, extract files to Presets>brushes), and it wouldn't save them... just opened a new folder with the files there. I've tried downloading the zip files, extracting, then manually moving the .abr files to the brushes folder, but that doesn't work either.

Is there a step I'm overlooking? Is there another way? TIA!
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my first tutorials for ps7

Okay so I just did two pretty simple coloring tutorials using the same base for both.  I did these using PS7 and they are not translatable to other programs, uses selective coloring and hue/saturation.  These work well with caps that turn a yellowish color after screening.

From this:Photobucketto this:Photobucketor:Photobucket

the tutorials are here @ my journal
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Black border...

Hello! I've been lurking in this community for ages and haven't posted here much but I really need help. Can anyone please tell me how to achieve this effect with the black border in these icons or direct me to tutorial that may help:

Icon credit: padabee

I was going to ask the icon maker, but my computer keeps on crashing every time I got to that entry.

Ps. I use photoshop.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help :D