February 4th, 2007

Saving as a .gif on Photoshop CS2 not an option

Hi, I have a question about certain file formats. When I open up Photoshop CS2 and try to save an image as a .gif or even a .png that isn't on option on the drop down menu. I only have about 10 options, most formats that are rarley ever used. I think someone my menu got screwed with and I'm wondering is there a way to reset it? Thanks so much!

b/w images

Could anyone please  give me some links with tutorial for b/w images? I know one or may be two but I can't imagine what ELSE I can do with them : (

Upd: I need tutorial showing how to colour b/w image but not how to make a good b/w icon! : D
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(no subject)

I was hoping that someone would mind giving me n idea of how to get the colouring in this icon. I asked the maker, but tutorials take along time to write, and i was hoping someone could give me a little nudge to how to get this.

Dark Angel

i really need help!

i would love it if someone could tell me where i can find these borders for gif images... i use Adobe ImageReady, and i know that these come with pain shop pro, but plz plz if someone knows other ways to get or make these borders, help me


icon credit to petiole
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coloring help!

hey guys! this is my first time posting here and i was wondering if anyone knew how to get the coloring of this icon:

credit: _heyvanity

im still new at this icon stuff but im not very good with figuring out colors. if you can help i would truly appreciate it! thanks! =]