February 5th, 2007

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need help with imagegrab

okay i dont know why this is doing this to me today, but i can't get my bleach dvd (its the american one.. not an import) to play in imagegrab. it says something about a codec? but ive got tons of codecs on my computer. anyone else had this problem? what did you use to fix it.

please reply ASAP!
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(no subject)

Does anyone know how to create these icons:

Mostly, just the first icon, how it's a grainy after-image. How would I achieve that? ^^; And if someone could link a place with those textures / similar, it'd be much appreciated!!! These icons just took my breath away, so I'd love to know similar ways! Please and thank you. ♥

hurts_my_soul for credit.
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Polaroid Picture Brushes. -.-

Could anyone show me in the right direction on how to upload and correctly use the polaroid brushes? I use Photoshop CS2. I had accomplished it for awhile, than the computer crashed. It'd help a ton if I could re-learn it from somewhere/someone. =/

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This may seem like a dumb questions but I was wondering how to make a border with the edges rounded up instead of pointed for an icon or just about anything? Here's an example:

edges such as that. 
sorry I dont have an example of this border for an icon.
Border done by: found randomly in Google.ca

Thank you in advance!

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Text help!

I hope this is okay, if not then delete.

I'm having some problems with text. I was hoping someone could tell me what text looks best in an icon where I want to be able to read it, but isn't too big. As far as size is concerned I'm thinking something like 5-7.  I just can't find anything that looks good.

In fact if anyone has a complete text guide that would be lovely too! 

Please and thank you! =)

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On making comic icons with text

Hi! I'm new to this community but I've lurked here before... so I decided to finally enlist the help of some experts for a question that I've been pondering for the last few days.

Are there any rules/tips for preserving the text (i.e. its crispness) of a comic when resizing the image to fit the 100x100 space of an icon?

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(no subject)

i figured this would be as good of place to ask as any, i'm thinking about getting a mac and my friend says they come with a graphics program, but i'm wondering if it's like paint? or is it more like psp or ps?

also, i just got ps7 and i was wondering, when you print screen something, how can you get it to show up? i'll hit prt scr on a photo, then ctrl v in photoshop but nothing shows up.