February 8th, 2007

Dark Angel

help plz! =(

i was wondering if someone could help me with this please =(

i really want to now how to do the rain fall in this gif icon

pleaaase i really want to know! i use Adobe ImageReady 7

plz i really need to know how, if someone could offer me a tutorial, or a simple guide i'll be grateful! =)

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(no subject)

Okay, can anyone aid me in how to make these kinds of square brushes?

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I promise I've attempted to do it. I'll open a new document 2 pixels high and maybe about 20 pixels wide and use the selection tool (I use Photoshop 7) and fill every 2 pixels of space with color (and the view is set on 1600%). I thought this was supposed to give me 10 of those little square boxes (I wanted to try them all in a horizontal line first before creating formations) but when I define them as brushes all I get is partial retangular blobs. I have searched the memories but couldn't really find anything. Can someone please help?
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Help, please

I have made an animation in Adobe Imageready but I can't save it as a animation. In internet explorer I can only see it in JPG, but I must have PNG/GIF. Can someone please help me? If someone understand what I mean..