February 9th, 2007

attention span


Hello, Ok i'm wondering how to create an effect like this one. I know its not an icon but i have seen icons like it. If someone could point me to a tutorial for it, i'm not sure what to look under. Any help would be appricated thank you.

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Stupid Question

I don't know if I can post this here, but I don't know where else..lol

I'm trying to take screencaps of a dvd using printscreen while the movie is in fullscreen mode. Someone told me WMP doesn't work, so I use PowerDVD but i'm getting the same result.

I can see it when I paste it into CS2, but when I reopen it is shows a blank black canvas. Originally when I paste it, and I try to move the image, it moves around the screencaps as if it is stuck in that position.

What can I do? Is there way to adjust the printscreen settings, or an easier way to get screencaps?

EDIT: Thanks everyone, I got it to work! :D
suits 1x11

border question

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

How do you get a border like this:

I'm thinking its a brush - if so, does anyone know where to get it (or one similar)? Or any ideas on how to make a similar border?
picard crusher

eraser/selective coloring problems

Normally when I use a selective coloring layer (on PS7) I can erase bits that I don't want colored that way. However, I'm working on an icon right now and the eraser will not work on my selective color layer. It works on other layers, but not on the selective color layer. I don't understand what's wrong since it always worked before, so if anyone knows I'd REALLY appreciate it. Thanks!

ETA: Problem solved. Thanks chasingsafety!!!
Anne small

2d tutorial!

I'm back with my 2d tutorial! I did this with a banner, but it can be used for icons too.

Turn this into this in PS7. (Contains selective color, and I'm sorry. My next tutorial will be completely translatable, promise!!)

Here @ my journal.

Please post comments, and if you use it, I'd really like to see your results!!
Cheryl Cole

Dashed borders

I've checked the memories, I've searched using LJ Seek, I can't seem to find a post in recent time so I'm asking as a last resort. Does anybody know how to do dashed borders in PSPX please? I've looked on 100x100_brushes but I haven't come up with an actual brush, unless I have missed it so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Solved, thank you so much for the ideas. I ended up finding an icon with a dashed border, copying into PSP, making a selection of inside the border then inverting the selection and making a brush out of that.


Hi, I'm trying to look for brushes similar to this or the brush set itself? If possible, could someone tell me how to achieve brushes like that? Thanks in advance =)