February 10th, 2007

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I'm looking for a tutorial or some advice on how to take a really crappy quality picture (eg. blurry, dark, etc.) and turn it into a good quality icon. I know its possible, but i just can't find any tutorial where the original image isn't like, fantastic quality. I'm a relative beginner to icon making, and the main barrier that i've come across is the fact that i can never get the images light enough or sharp enough or clear enough. I'd really appreciate any advice that anyone can give me!

As an example, I've got this pic: , and it's not very good quality. I'm just not sure what i would do with it to make it better. I've tried some curves, and duplicating the image and then setting to softlight or screen, but nothing seems to work very well. I use PSP X.

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Tutorial Request

I found these a few days ago on someone's user pics. There amazing but I can't figure out how the person made them. Could someone write a tutorial on it or even tell me how it was made in the comments.


I use Photoshop CS
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Selective Colouring Tutorial...

Heh, sorry I keep updating with tutorials ^___^; I'm in a "making stuff" mood right now. :)

Anyways, today's subject is Selective Colouring. It's one of the hardest things I learnt, because I didn't properly understand how it worked, and I was scribbling stuff down as I went along. Today, and more coherantly, is a "how selective colouring can make this effect" tutorial.

From this: to this:

using Selective Colouring in Photoshop CS, with an explanation of what I'm doing each time.

( I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I've never seen this movie before... )

I think someone may have used this picture to make a tutorial before - I'm sorry! I only used the picture because of the bright colours; they help to make my point. :)