February 11th, 2007

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Does anyone know how the sparkly effect on this icon was achieved?

I have looked through the memories and couldn't find anything on it, but then again I'm not sure what the effect is called so I might have missed something.

I use PSP X.

hold on
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Help needed!

Ok.. So I have this problem with image size. After cropping I always resize my image to 100x100. This time however the image shrinks too much!! I have no idea how to get it to 100x100. Please help me!

thanks in advance.


EDIT: solved! *hugs* everyone who helped.

Screen layer in other language

I have a Dutch copy of PSP 7.0 and I'm looking for the "screen layer" option, but I can't seem to figure out which of the option is "screen". I'm sorry I can't take a screen capture of it since the menu keeps getting away when I press PrintScreen, but I translated my PSP layer options to English in the order they are shown in my program:

normal - darker - lighter - color tone - saturation - color - luminance - mulitply - bleach - solve - see through - hard light - soft light - difference - stop - show through - exclude

Can you please help me out and tell me which one is ? I'm trying to make my first icons and I'm used to my school's "screen" layer, but I can't find it in my own program and all my icons turn out kind of weird.
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Coloring Help

Hey everyone! I was wondering if anybody can help me get the coloring from the icon I'll be showing you. I've been checking everywhere and couldn't find a tutorial for something like this, especially for screencaps. I mean I have checked out for screencaps tutorial, but the coloring didn't come out that great. I was able to find the screencap of the icon so it'll be more easier for you guys to help me, and I hope you can.

From this to Here's the rest of the icons that might also help here.

I use PSPX.

Icon credit panickingxerin and Screencap credit whoresque

blending brushes

I need help with blending this picture. I made this brush:Image Hosted by ImageShack.us and I want to blend it with this picture:Image Hosted by ImageShack.us with the dotted lines and her name, covering the people on the sides. I tried just cutting out her picture and pasting it in between the dotted line brush, but it didnt look right. anyone have any suggestions?

PSP Curves problem

Everytime I do a tutorial that involves curvse my images end up cloudy, like this. And the cloudyness never goes away when I do the rest of the steps in the tutorial. Am I diong something wrong and if so what?

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I've spent the last couple day's looking through the site and I still havn't come across what I need help with and I hope somebody can lend me a hand. What I want to do is be able to crop just the basic image from the background image. Like of a screen cap. How would you just take the outline of the person and seperate it from  the rest of the picture? Could somebody point me in the right direction?? I'm currently using a program I downloaded called Pain.NET.

Thank you for any help you can give!
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please help with photoshop 7.0 problem!

I'm so frustrated with my adobe photoshop and I'm reaching out for some help.  I've checked the mems and I didn't see anything that helped me so I'm posting my problem in hopes some of you can walk me through the process to get my lovely photoshop back.  

The problem:
Adobe photoshop 7 suddenly stopped loading the other day.  When I clicked on the icon to start it up it acts as if it's loading but then suddenly disappears and won't fully load.  The only way I can get it to come on at all is opening it by right clicking and running it as the admin but then it won't allow me to open any previous documents.  

I've tried:
removing/uninstalling the program and reinstalling it but it hasn't helped.  

I'm so frustrated and any help you could offer would be great.  I've had the program for at least 7 months and it's always worked great... I don't know what the problem could be.

Thank you

Blurred/Animated Text -- PS7

Okay, I've gone through all the memories, and I couldn't find anything. So I'm asking now... how can I get this warped and animated text on an icon like this:

(icon credit to willowtreeicons)

I use Photoshop 7. If I did miss a tutorial, please point me towards it and I can go ahead and delete this entry. Otherwise.... help! ^^; Thank you so much.
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I know you get millions and millions of questions like this, so I'm really sorry. I've looked through the comm, I've read all the how to use selective colour business, and I think in the end, I'm just a lil bit silly [I'll blame the hair colour! *rollseyes*)

Basically, I'm after this sort of colouring:

Colour without making people bright orange, which seems to be all I can do!!

Again, sorry for asking questions you've heard a million times before!

Many thanks to anyone that can help!

Credit: irinafan and the_world_of_me
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first try

Hello guys. I'm new around, but been looking around for a while till i decided to do a little tutorial. it's the first one o ever make so hope you like it ^_^ It doesn't involve selective color or color balance, it's really simple. ;)

i went from this to this

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