February 16th, 2007

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I have an exceedingly simple colouring technique for photos with both light-neutral and bright colours.


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Unfortunately, this does not work as well on pictures of people with dark skin or tans. :(

I'd love to see what everyone else comes up with!
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[ros] dreamsleep

yet another tutorial directory.

HERE is a tutorial directory / guide i've recently compiled @ my graphics comm, to add to the many others out there.
mine consists of overall icon tuts, icon coloring tuts, tuts for larger graphics, effect tuts, text guides, links to other directories, as well as some other things.
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Photoshop question

I am still relatively new to making icons so forgive me for this ridiculously stupid question...

But, I have just signed up for an icon challenge comm and one of the challenges is to create icons using one of the effect feature from the Effects menu in Photoshop. But ... I cant see any effects menu. Am I just blind (and if so can someone point it out to me)? Do they mean the filter menu? Help please!!
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Help pen tool question!

How do you go about traceing an image with the pen tool? I tryed the freehand but it does a horrorible jobe and I wanted a closer cut, I've seen somebody explaine how before, but I can't reamber where...so if you do, thanks alote I'm use pro 8
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Musical Sungmin


I have a problem here. When I try to paint or such in Photoshop CS I always get a gray color nothing more. I tried to change the color but I always get gray. When I checked out the channels it was gray then it became alpha. What's happening? How can I fix this?

Edit: Already solved! Thanks to casey_bee!