February 18th, 2007

matching colorings.


I was wondering how I could make both pictures with a similar coloring, so that when I worked on them, one part wouldn't end up funky with a certain color, and another just blah. Could you help me out?

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Thank you. If it helps, I use PS7.

play the game

Pink icons

This beautiful tutorial was made by painful_memento, so all the credit goes to her. But due to hotlinking, she had to take it down. Luckily, I still had my .psd file.

With permission I'm reposting and rewriting it for her ^^

Program used: Photoshop 7.0
Uses curves and selective coloring.
Not translatable.


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Three tutorials

Hey everyone! =D This is my first time posting at icon tutorial, and I have 3 tutorials to show! ^-^

The first one shows you how to use masking brushes, the second gives you an orange/teal coloring, and the third is showing you how to make this:

from this>> 

there's also a manip in the post (used to make the base)

follow the link to my LJ>>
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I use PSP7 and sometimes when I use a certion font, it closes on me. It says something along the lines of "Not enough memory to complete this operation. Please try again." and closes PSP. Do any of you guys know how to fix this?! It is so annoying.
Thanks in advance!

edit;; this is exactly what it says:


Hey, I just got feedback from a fellow icon maker on my icons and she suggested this

"You're welcome. My suggestion would be to go to icon_tutorial and check out their memories, specifically about adjustment layers and enhancement of images. Right now, the subjects in some of your icons are overpowered by a white layer that you have making it hard to see the image. Also, an icon's text should be related to the colors in the icon, so a stark red only distracts the eye. I hope that helps you a bit."

I use Photo Impact and can't find any tutorials for it so I've just kinda been teaching myself as I go so here's what I need help with

1. My layer panel has disappaered. I can get it to appear but can't expand it so I can see the different layers

2. Can I do adjustment layers in Photo Impact? I haven't been able to find anything.

3. Enchancemnet means the lighting etc??? Sorry I don't know many of the technical terms :)

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Also this icon is one of the ones she was talking about

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This tutorial is for PSP9 and should be mostly translateable, though I'm not sure if PS has the same Unsharp Mask settings as it's been a good year or three since I've used it. Or if it even has it. I don't know. -- And again, this is written assuming you can at least set layers to different settings.


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