February 19th, 2007

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Remember when I asked about that small font? Well I went through all my 1,400+ fonts and found some that would look good small. I made this in PS, and from what i understand is that PSP and PS is different with fonts. So experiment or whatever.

I didn't include pixel fonts in this guide.

under da cut, people.

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Curving Text in PS 7

Okay, I checked the memories and there were a couple of curving text but none of them really helped. There was a really in depth one but it was for Paint Shop Pro. I tried it but it didn't really transfer well over to Photoshop. I have this banner...

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How do you get this coloring?

I like how light and clean they look. Whenever I try to color something, it ends up looking muddy and the colors aren't quite right, like this .
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Can anybody help me with this

Edit: Thanks All!

I use PS7.

I've never had this problem before and now I can't figure out how to fix it. When I'm making icons that use text, I have to set the font size at around 300-500 to get the font to be visible at all (when it should be at about 13-25) Does anybody know what's going on or how I can get my settings back to normal?


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I've checked the memories for this question but can't seem to find anything (I apologise if I've missed something).

Basically, I've used YouTube Downloader to download a video - great, fantastic - but I want to screencap it in order to make an animated icon. I usually use VirtualDub but as this isn't an .avi or .mpeg file (in fact I have no idea what type of file it is, it just says File in properties) I can't use it. My question to you is -  is there anyway of me converting this in order to screencap it, or another programme I can use instead? Or indeed another way to record video from youtube that can be screencapped by VirtualDub. 

Any help will be ridiculously appreciated!
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Freeware Graphics Programe for the Mac?

I recently got a MacBook and I would like to put some free graphics software on there to colour correct my photos and do a little basic icon work on animated gifs. I d/l The Gimp but it's bigger than I need and I don't have the time to learn how to use it. I was hoping that Ulead Gif Animator had a Mac version on offer but they don't. So could anybody make any suggestions for me? Thanks. :)
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PS7 Startup Problem

I'm having a problem with my Photohop program not wanting to start up that's been going on the last two days. It'll bring up the window where it says "Initializing/Loading Palettes/etc.," but then the window disappears.

I've tried booting it from the CD, rebooting my computer, opening an image with PS instead of just opening the program, and I even tried system restore. I keep getting the same thing. Can anyone help me out with advice on fixing it?

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I've got these three tutorials which are absolutely beautiful, but they are all for Photoshop and I've got PSP X. I was wondering if anyone would be able to translate them to PSP for me, or give me a tutorial for the same effect, but for PSP.
I would love anyone for EVER AND EVER if they were able to do that for me!





Thanks in advance,

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Can anyone give me the link to any sites with those textures that have a black background and those white-greyish lines all over and small dots.

For example:

I made this icon a long time ago..and I can't remember where I got the textures.
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I'm looking for two particular tutorials.

Unfortunately, the only thing I remember about this one was that it incorporated Variations (adding more red, blue and magenta to be exact). These are two of the icons I made (I don't really like them, but I did at the time).

And there's another tut. I know that the journal posted a lot of oc icons, and this tutorial showed examples with people that she knew, and a laguna beach icon. It really enhanced the blues and cyans. I made this:

(I think I need to find more things to icon, this is rather depressing).

So if you know where I can find the tutst for these, I would appreciate it so much. Thanks in advance!