February 20th, 2007


Icon Tutorial

This is my first time posting a tutorial... here it goes.

It's REALLY simple and with pictures. Using basic layers, everyone should be able to use it.

Posted HERE

Also made with this tutorial:
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PSCS2 Question

On PSCS2, I made a custom shape, and I had to use a path for me to be able to define it. BUT I can't figure out HOW to get rid of the path after I defined it. Can someone please tell my how to fix this?

edit:I figured out thank you guys :)
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I just downloaded GIMPshop today and I'm extremely happy cause it beats my old program. I can do a lot of things photoshop can do(except selective coloring). Anyway's does anyone know how to achieve these two colorings using curves and/or color layers? If you can just point me to a tut, or something. It'd be great. I'm looking for exact, but similar works too.

Made by biter

Yes, I've tried asking her about coloring and she never answered.

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When I make my own brushes on Photoshop [7.0]...I'd like to save them as a default brush as .abr on my list to use whenever I please, without having to go back and remake it, or selecting 'Define brush' or whatever under 'Edit' all over again...How can this be achieved?

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Brush Question

I have downloaded and installed in my PSCS2 a pack of brushes polaroid, but now I do not know how to use them. They don't work as the others? I mean you select the brush that you want, select the color and use it?
Thanks in advance!
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Two techniques

I am looking for methods/tutorials for this type of coloring:

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

&/or any of these following types:

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingORPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingORPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I searched through the mems & I went back about a dozen pages searching for something similar, but everytime I thought I found something it was blehh...

So if anyone could link me to a tutorial or two that produces similar results as any of these, I'd be eternally in their debt. =]

Icons all by the magnificent luosxterces.

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Can somebody help me?

How can we magic wand out a white background when it's mistaking the same white we're trying to delete with the color of my hand? The problem is like really annoying, and we're using Adobe Photoshop 5.

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Lightening in PSPX

In psp I have tried to find ways to lighten one of these pictures but it doesn't seem to work. The image is really dark and I would really like to make an icon out of it.

When I try to screen it, it just looks like I put soft light, white layers on it. When I put an effect that works on all of my icons, it doesn't work with this kind of darkness..

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(no subject)

Hey guys! Well, first of all I'm sorry for posting this here, because it's an icon tutorial community but since I can't find a community here in LJ that helps me with that, I came to you, cuz I know you guys rock =)


If you don't know but knows some website that teachs it, please ohh please let me know okay!?

Thanks a lot ;)
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