February 21st, 2007

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me_likee requested a tutorial, I had the time to write it, so here it is:

In case you wanna know how to go from this to this
then follow the link & see how I try to explain it.

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I'm using PhotoShop CS, I know my way around 5, too, but I don't have any experience with other programs, so I won't be able to help translate this to other programs.
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some questions...

I'm not sure if this is strictly relevant but I was wondering if anyone could help me. I'm a Mac user and have recently been trying to improve my icon making. Does anyone know what the best free software for icon making on Macs is because I find that mine is quite limited? Thanks for reading.

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I was wondering if anyone could tell me how I could acheive a similar color effect like these photos behind the cut. I've tried a few variations of dark colors on exclusion layer, but looked nothing like it. :/ I love the effect and would love to use it on some icons. Thanks in advance.
I have both PSP7 and PSPXI

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Using masks

Okay, here's something I didn't see in the archive: How do you use masks?

I'm a Mac user with photoshop CS. I've been making icons for a while, and understand brushes, but I somehow seem clueless as to how one uses masks. If anyone could explain even just the basics, it would be MOST appreciated.

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Brush Viewing Problems, but NOT Caps Lock

I re-installed Photoshop after way too long away and am currently at a loss... I am actually using the Beta version of CS3, when I used to use CS, and so I'm not sure if this is a CS3 issue or a "my own idiocy" issue, but my brushes will NOT show up as stamps. They show up as the crosshair or as the paintbrush, but no image where I can SEE what I'm brushing while brushing it. It's very frustrating! I've tried with caps-lock both on and off, and neither way can I get a stamp/preview image to show up... If I use it, it shows up accurately on the image --- but I can only see what happened AFTER I do it, not during, which can be quite tormentful when trying to put everything in a just-right place.

I've tried looking through a lot of the various menus to see if there's something I can change, but I can't seem to find it myself and would love to hear from any of you!
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I have a problem, well two.

1) I use Photoshop CS; and recently, when I go to edit in Quick Mask Mode, the red overlay layer doesn't show up anymore so I can't do anything anymore. Does anyone know what happened or what I did? I can't figure it out :(

2) The eyedropper tool always replaces my background color now and I can't figure out what I did to make it do that either.

Help would be majorly appreciated =\
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3 questions

Sorta newbie here, so I'm kinda asking for help. ^^ I use Photoshop CS2, by the way.

First, how do you make the corner of your icon flip up like it's a sheet of paper, and someone just rolled up a corner? Erm, no images to help my explanation here, so I hope I'm being clear here! ^^;; Or can that be done only with brushes (which I don't have and hence would be very appreciative if anyone could point me to a set)?

Second, is there a way to maximise and really use filters? I may have gotten the hang of blend modes, but filters... woah, that's something I still haven't really touched yet.

Third, is there any reason why a lot of people seem to create an icon and graphics-exclusive LJ account? Bandwidth, so you can lock up your private journal and people can still access your icons, for convenience, cuz you don't want to clog up your other journal, there's a limit to the number of posts in every account, it's a trend...? I'm just really curious about this, since I'm thinking if I should get one.

Thanx in advance! ^^

need help

I'm a beginner at ps and I was hoping somebody here can help me.
I want to know how to make this icon:

credits to: silvershadow379 on photobucket

thank you so much for helping me ^_^
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Can someone please tell me where to get those scratchy brushes used in so many icons? Or how to make my icon look like it's scratchy. If you need an example let me know. Thank you!