February 22nd, 2007

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Help? D:

I am pretty sure this doesn't belong here, but I'm not exactly sure where it DOES belong, and I've seen tons of people ask questions about Photoshop and stuff in here and get answers, so I figured I could too. :'D

Whenever I minimize Photoshop, whatever windows were open get like... stuck. They go up high so I can't close them at all. o_o;

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To get rid of the pictures and stuff I have up, all I have to do is close Photoshop and then open it again. But that file.. folder window thing, I can't get rid of it, even if I reboot my computer. I've tried everything. :'D

One last thing, the toolbars at the top look.. strange, like the bottom one covers half of the file/edit/image/layer/etc one. This isn't a problem because I can still access them, but it IS annoying to look at. xD

If anyone knows how to fix this, or even just close the window, I'd appreciate it!

Font reference?

I'm looking for a certain post of someone... it had examples of icons and the corresponding font used. I've checked the archives here and can't seem to find it, and looking through my friend's page has been... tiring.

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Animated icons

I've been making gifs but I was wondering what is the easiest way to change the color of it like this one. Instead of making it then leaving the color the same as the caps you made them with I tried to find who made this icon but I couldnt. (If you know or if its yours let me know)

Image Ready Issues

Okay, so I've finally managed to make little video clips from Real Video files (snarlmutter), because I want so much to make one of them adorable mini movie icons.

Now, I've looked through the memories and found a few tutorials that seem helpful, BUT there's a teeny tiny problem: Whenever I open up one of the AVI clips in ImageReady, for some obscure reason, IR decides that it would be really funny to completely white out the clip.

Collapse )

I'm just about ready to scream. Any advice?

ETA: SOLVED! Thanks, aikon !!

Tutorial: Fate//Stay Night; Caren

Go from to !

!O V E R H E R E!

The steps aren't just laid out for you. Do this, do that. No, I actually spent a bit more time explaining WHY I did something. It's my first time being so specific about a tutorial, so I apologize for any confusion. If anyone has questions, please feel free to ask!

//cross-posted like mad.//
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Animations Question

I've been trying to put sakura animations using this tutorial on an icon. My end result was the still below, while the real version is the actual animation. The only reason it's working is because a friend of mine put the psd file into animation shop, but said it was all working correctly. So I'm wondering why it's not working in ImageReady and how I can fix it? I run Photoshop CS2 and ImageReady.


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