February 23rd, 2007


Help with blend modes (color burn/dodge)? (PS7+)

[First post, please be gentle!]

I've seen a few comments lately in discussions of icon-making along the lines of "of course, everyone knows that a color burn layer makes everything more vibrant" (or it may have been color dodge; I can't remember now), but I've never seen any actual reference to this technique in a tutorial.

For those of you that use these layers to make an icon more vibrant, can you help?

* Is it color burn or color dodge?
* Is it a single-color fill layer, or a duplicated layer of the main icon image?
* What kinda opacity? (or is that an experiment-by-image thing?)
* Any other general input about color burn and color dodge blend-mode layers?

Thanks for any input you can provide!

[I'm using Photoshop CS and Photoshop CS3 Beta, but this is probably relevant for most versions of PS, and maybe PSP too?]
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Photoshop help

With all your wonderful help, I have finally fixed the problem. Thank you so much for your time and effort into helping me solve these problems - can anyone help me save these to memories - mods maybe - so they can help others in the future? *hugs everyone*

I have looked on memories and FAQ and I couldn't find an answer there. If the answer is there, could someone please point me in the right direction?

I use PS7 and have been for several years. Recently something changed on PS and I have no idea what I did to change it and in the progress of trying to change it back, something else has gone wrong. See... I should have asked first *rolls eyes*
EDIT The answer to the black background is hold the shift key down and paint the background with the paint bucket with the colour of your choice. Thank you everyone for your help.

Okay... The first thing that went wrong is you know the background that is immediately behind the picture you're working on? Well it has gone black. Before it was a mid grey - there is a small piccie here showing the black frame around the photo - if you want to see it better there is a larger one linked. large one here

second, you will see the grid lines all over the picture - I know how to temporarily get rid of the lines, but have no idea how to get rid of them permanently when I open up a new picture - getting rather irritating *and yes, this was one of my extras I accumilated when I was trying to fix the black background*

I am also getting this pop up when I open PS You currently have Adobe Photoshop's primary Scratch and Windows' primary paging file on the same volume, which can result in reduced performance. It is recommended that you set Adobe Photoshop's primary Scratch volume to be on a different volume, preferably on a different physical drive.

As you can see, I have quite a few problems. To try and sort it out, I have completely reinstalled PS twice and rebooted.

If anyone can help me I would be really thankful. The black background is the most irritating as I can't work with black on the icon or art as it disappears and I have no idea where my work is lol.
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I just got the PS CS3 beta and suddenly every icon I make is waaay over lj's 40 kb limit. On PS7, I generally saved my icons as maximum-quality (12) jpegs and they'd come out somewhere between 10 and 30 kb. Now I'm doing the exact same thing and they're coming out between 45 and120 kb - I have to bring them down to medium to low quality just to get them in under 40 and it's not a good look at all. *flails* Am I doing something wrong or is Adobe just evil? Is anybody else having this problem?
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mini movie icons

Hi there!

I have a question about making mini movie icons.
I know how to make the icons, but I´m curious as where you all get your mini movies from.
Do you animate them yourself from screencaps? I am having difficulties getting the right amount of screencaps to animate them into a nice mini movie. :-(


Tutorial #2- colouring

A friend requested a tutorial for the icon below. I made it so I thought I'd share.

It's really simple, like my other one. A few layers and that's it.

First. Simple question. OK I use PSP8 but I feel like I hit a bit of a wall with it. I am thinking of getting Photoshop CS2. Should I?

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Also made with this tutorial:
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They make my life =D

(no subject)

Yes, I'm here again. With another request.

Cuz I'm dumb and desperate! LOL

Anyway... does anyone know how to make something like THIS?

I tried some kind of vetorization, but in the end it didn't look like that at all. =/
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Tutorial #3

Hey guys!
This is my 3rth tutorial, this one is of Selective Color. Hope you like it!

Tutorial #3
Type: Selective Color
Steps: 5
PSD File: No
Programe: Photoshop 7

+other examples

(x) Let me know if you find it useful
(x) No credit required