February 27th, 2007


Keira Knightley tutorial

And sorry in advance that Photobucket went all stupid on me and resized my tutorial. You can still see it all and read it all so I have decided to be quite lazy and not fiddle with Photobucket, since it is currently running at the speed of an elderly turtle.

But to continue on to the tutorial and not my little ramblings... click here.
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some photoshop tools are not working :(

Hello fellow lj-ers.
I recently realized that I have many problems with my Photoshop CS2 Program.
I'm thinking of reinstalling but before losing all hope I thought I'd try here.

The dodge tool , burn tool , blur tool, stamp tool and all many others like that don't seem to be working at all.
I tried googling it and even asking some people I know about it.
I tried the blur filters to see if they would work and I got the same result.

I'm so totally lost.
I don't even know how this could've happened.

I can't live without these tools :(

thanks in advance.

P.S: Yes I did try to look under the memories for "Photoshop - Problems and Errors" and didn't find anything relevant to my problem.
and Of course I'm not trying those tools on an empty layer.

EDIT> I actually reinstalled Photoshop. It works now.
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Glossy paper effect on a photo?

I have a question. I'm using PSCS. I want to make this picture...

Collapse )

... look like it was cut from a magazine, but I'm having problems figuring out the effect to make it look like glossy, magazine paper. It's probably something so simple that I'll look like a moron, but I don't care.

Can anyone help me get the effect? Thanks!
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I currently have PSPX and after doing a trial version on PS CS I would like to buy Photoshop as well.

Could someone explain the difference between Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 and Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 2.0. Why is CS more exspensive?

Any insight would be great, thank you.

(P.S. Sorry is this is slightly off-topic, I will delete this if you wish.)
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I learn in Photoshop. And I had request for people (who know on already it, curious effects be able to build.
Somebody  can something has write dow either (file psd), it knows some?
It has
me very  helped!

Thanks and
I count on your assistance! :):)