March 2nd, 2007

My 1st icon tutorial!

Hey guys! This is my very 1st icon tutorial, I hope it will be very helpful to you! In my tutorial, learn how to take this picture of Kellie Pickler:  Kellie Pickler and make an icon like this:  I made it using Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0, very user and beginner friendly, no curves, no color balance, no selective coloring. You can also use this if you have Paint shop pro! :) Comments and criticism appreciated!  I wonder what you'd say to me...
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Since I use PSP 9, I don't have access to the wonderful selective colour option. So i've been playing around with a way to achieve similar colouring effects. I came up with a nice method, and I thought I'd share it with you all. :)

How to go from: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting to: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

here @ acrobatica

PSP 7 Help

I have PSP 7, and I had to recently remove it from my computer as I was having problems with it. I did not back up the brushes I had, because I needed to delete a majority of them anyway. I got PSP back on my computer, and went to 'create' custom brush as I had saved alot of them as jpgs as its easier to install then jbrs. Because they don't show up. Anyway, when I create a brush, its light. It does not look like the original image at all like it used to when I created brushes. 

Is there anyway that I can fix this?

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Dust Tutorials

I was wondering if anyone knows some good tutorials for making dusty textures? Not scratch textures, but textures that you would set to darken or multiply that give the image a dusty kind of effect. Thanks!
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Font problem and tutorial question

1. Here's the problem: I don't know why but I cannot use "regular" font size in PS CS2. For example, I have to set my font to 430pt because either way it will be tiny and not visible on the graphic. How can I fix it?


2. How to make a blinkie like the one below in PS or Image Ready? I searched the archive but only found GIMP tutorial.

Thanks in advance!

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Silly Question

(I've looked through everything and can't find what I'm looking for)

I know this is a very silly question ... But ...

Can someone explain to me how to desaturate an image? I've read lots of tutorials where it says to desaturate the image but I cannot figure out how ... Someone, help! Please!

PS: I'm using PSP8, if that helps ....
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B&W header tutorial

As per request from my friend surfgirl83, I've created this header tut, designed for black and white images:

Going from

Made with PSP8. Translatable.
Note: This is a rather long tut and semi-pic heavy, since I really pimped this image out lol But the results are quite cool, I think. Hopefully you're willing to stay with me!

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