March 3rd, 2007


Please help!

I have an issue. My issue is this: Every single time I get my colouring right in PhotoshopCS, everything is exactly how I'd want it to look when it goes up on m' livejournal, and then I save it... and well... Adobe pretty much tells me to screw myself by making the colours completely skewed. 

Okay, well, completely isn't entirely true, but the colours tend to be quite dark... or, in the case of Saving to the Web, very very green. I don't know what the deal is, and I've tried adjusting my colour schemes to compensate for the inevitable adjustment made on Adobe's part, but it doesn't seem to pan out.

Is there something I'm missing? All the tutorials I've tried out, if they've been successful for me (my screencaps tend to be quite dark, and the resolution is a bit poor, so they don't always have the greatest results, but that's another issue enitrely!), have been followed to a "T", but I'm just not sure how everyone seems to have these illuminous icons in their tutorials and mine... well... they're very dark. Not at all illuminous. At least they aren't after I've saved.

Any help, or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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trouble selecting layer


Just a quick question. Photoshop 9 is not letting me select a layer for some reason. Like, I'll make a new layer and it will be in the thumbnail tab above the background, but I'm not able to bring it into the document window to work on it. It won't budge from the layers tab.

Can you tell I'm a little new at this? ^^; Any insight would be appreciated.

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Tutorial 4

Tutorial 4
Technique: Intermediate - Uses Selective color and Color Balance
Program: PS7
Translatable: No. Sorry, PSP Users :(

We'll be going from:

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Here are some examples of icons made using this technique :

Show me what you come up with.

- Do not claim as your own
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Photoshop Help Needed


I just installed Photoshop CS2.....ok well it's acting strange...
It will only let me save as a psd file....
When I go to Image>>Adjustments, there are only a few options like Levels, Auto Levels, Auto Contrast, Hue/ Saturation, Brightness/Contrast, Invert, Gamma, and Variations.....that's it! There are no Adjustment layers like Color Balance or selective coloring!
I'm trying to do some icon tuts but I can't cuz of this problem.
Can any please tell me what is going on and why?
Thanks a lot
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(no subject)

Hi this is my first post and i really need help so please can somebody help me?

I want to know how can i get the colors of my icon to look like this
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

the colors kinda just pop out  and look really clear so can anybody tell me how to do this

Icons By lady_iz

Text help!

Right,my name is Aryan and I'm new to this community so first of all hello people.I'm having some problems with my text at the moment and I hope you all can help me out.I use Photoshop CS and few days ago my text was working just fine but today when I clicked the Text tool and tried to type something......I couldnt! There was just a small square.I did many things like increase the size,change fonts,tried later,etc but nothing worked.Whenever I click the text tool a small black square comes up.I typed something really random and after some time there was just a line instead of the text.I don't remember messing around with the text settings to cause this problem.I hope you all can understand what I'm trying to say and and help me!

Thanks in advance

Dark Screencaps

I am sure 1000 people have asked this, so let me be the 1001 person to ask.


How can I get an image as dark as this one to become clearer and brighter without causing it to pixelate and discolour horribly. Any tutorials you can recommed would be great.

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(I'm Using PSP8)

I dunno what I did ... But I accidently did something and now is Missing The Edit/Image Thing in the Toolbar ... It Has File/View/Effects/Adjust/Layers/Objects/Window/Help

How can I get it back? Right now I can't resize any of my images or redo/undo anything when I mess up. Help! =[ Sorry ....