March 4th, 2007


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I have a question about this icon~ Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting isghest its a clip from a music video with a border around it, but I've never made aimated icons and I think I can use Adobe Imageready CS2 to make animated icons right? Right. XP Thank you for any help you can give me


Edit: Ok let me rephrase this,how do I cut the scene/ select the scene I want to use from a video? I can figure the rest out on my own and with turorials from the memories, I just need that question answered.
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Need your help on my own icon!! *g*

I've seen you guys helping out so many times and you did an awesome job all the time, and now I need your help!
I totally forgot (I know, embarassing!*g*) how I made the following icon!! Can you PLEASE help me out???

I made this icon with that cap CLICK ME!! for my icon community sweety_icons. Now I want to make another icon that style, but guess what, I don't get it that way anymore!!
Ok, forgot to mention I use Photoshop 7.0

So maybe someone of you knows the way or has some ideas! Any help is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

♥thank you so much in advance♥
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Text trouble

Hey guys, I was wonering if you could help me with something. I use Photoshop CS2, and when I make a text box the text is huge, even when I put it right down to size 6 the text is still big.

Does anyonw know how I can stop this from happening? Any help will be great thanks!
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Tutorial #004

Go from to

Program: PSP 8
Involves: Color Layers & Hue/Saturation
Steps: 5
Level of Difficulty: VERY Easy
Translatable: Yes
Notes: On the page it says that I didn't test it on regular images, only dark ones. I just tested it on a regular image, and it turned out fine.

Other examples made with this tut:

Here @ isalltherage
John Sebastian at Woodstock

I'm an idiot.

I made the following icon, but for the life of me, I can't remember how I got the coloring. I know there have to be soft light and exclusion layers, but other than that, I'm in the dark. Can anyone help me?