March 8th, 2007


beginners guide to photoshop

Okay; I just thought this might be helpful to some. I don't know everything & I am not going to act li ke I do; but I think I covered the main things people ask me about. Uhm. If you know something I don't; I don't mind if you tell me in the comments. If this helps you out; I would love to know. I posted this at my tuts comm @ gj; so I answered their questions..

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please; if you have ANY questions; please comment! If you want any more explanations for ANYTHING [including things already listed] then let me know!!!


Hello :)
Today, I'm gonna show you how to go from this to

I made this in PSP 7, could be translatable, but I'm not sure... Tell me if it is, or isn't :)

Comments please :) 'Cause you're all wonderful like that :)

Just a couple more icons made with this tut :)

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Does anybody have any good tutorials on blending using masks in PSP8? I looked in the memories and couldn't find anything. [And I don't like the feathering technique that much.] Thanks so much in advance! ♥

Oh the size!

I hope this question isn't too bothersome/inappropriate but I'm pretty much horrible with animated icons and everything I tried just ended up with the complete disfiguration of the original piece.

So I've recently come across this gem by lazy_princess but sadly the size of it (over 100 KB) won't allow me to use it here. So could anyone resize this for me and/or tell me how that can be done without losing too much of its quality?

I use PS 7 & Image Ready and Animake.

Thanks in advance!

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okay, so i have a tiny little heart in a picture that I want to put on another picture....I've set the background (which was white) as transparent, figuring i could then click and drag the little heart from one picture to the other. however, it doesn't work. My mouse turns into the little circle with a slash through it when i try to do that. At the moment I have both pictures in .gif format...I'm using photoshop elements 3.

I've already tried magnetic lasso, but I never have any luck with that...i always end up with extra white space, and then when i go back and erase the extra white space, it never looks good.

is there a quick and easy way to do this that i'm completely oblivious to?
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Heyyy!! :D I just love Leo and loved The Departed movie! Soooo... let´s proceed to the tuto. I hope you like it.

From    to

With PS CS2


involves: color balance, hue/saturation, textures, blending mode, gradient map.

More exemples:


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Can somebody help me ?:)
I need to find out what tut is for those icons.
I have searched everywere, but i didn't get ...

those icons are by Angelic from

Waiting for somebody's HELP :)******