March 11th, 2007

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Tutorial request

I'm looking for tutorials on awesome colourings like these icons =]

I don't use photoshop (I use Fireworks 8) so I need some translatable ones m(- -)m
Any help would be great^^

Hmm.. to make it a bit more clear, I want the bright blue (or any colour) plus yellow-y effect, but also makes the graphic looks clean and smooth.
I hope it's understandable^^;

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Sorry but I have no idea about the makers of them..Please tell me if anyone knows :3

Thank you very much!:D
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Rounded rectangle

Hi! I was just wondering if someone here could help me. I was trying to make a rounded rectangle for a layout last night. I tried to make it with the rounded rectangle tool, but I hate de black there a way to make it dissapear???I was able to make it with Paint Shop but now I use Photoshop and have no ideaa!!
Please help... someonee!!???
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(no subject)

ANOTHER tutorial? Damn right! :P

For PS7, sorry PSP users..uses selective coloring. :/ But don't worry, i'll make it up to ya by making a non-translatable PSP tut sometime. :)

A greenish red coloring, using the mega-gorgeous ultra-sexy Zachary Quinto!

From Image and video hosting by TinyPic to Image and video hosting by TinyPic

HERE @ twilighttrees

For more examples (if you're not sure you wanna follow this), go HERE

Paint Shop Pro XI Curves

I'm not sure if this is the place to post this. But I recently upgraded to Paint Shop Pro XI and when I try some of the tutorials i get lost at the curves. The curves option/window looks completely different then the other versions of psp. I dont see were to put the input and output options.

Heres a link to the curves window.

EDIT: the screen cap is of a New Adjustment Layer. And when i click on any of the options Contrast,Color,Levels,Options nothing pops up... its almost like you have to do it by hand..
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photoshop CS2

This is probably the stupidest and easiest thing ever, but i can't figure it out.
It just got photoshop CS2 and i can't figure out how to copy a picture off the internet and paste it right into there

with my PSP i can do it but not with photoshop ... help?


I'm trying to create a header/banner for my website, and I was wondering if you guys knew the estimated measurements of a header/banner. Also, just wondering, the size of a desktop background is 800x600 or 1064x768, correct? Or am I wrong?

Thanks for the help in advance.
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Trouble with WMM trying to make animated icons

I looked through the memories, but couldn't find anything to help me, and I wouldn't post with this if I weren't desperate. I'm truly sorry if this isn't appropriate for here, and if it isn't, please let me know and I'll delete as soon as possible.

I'm using Windows Movie Maker to take caps so that I can make animated icons in there, but it seems the program's turned all the videos and caps blue. When I take click on one of the clips, it looks normal in the side video, but then everything ends up blue when I take caps or try to make a video.

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Anyone know how to fix this? It just suddenly happened. I didn't touch any sort of color settings, and I know it's not the video itself 'cause it's doing this to all my other videos that I try too. I looked through everything, here in the community and in WMM, but couldn't find anything that helped.

adobe illustrator.

For icons like these & the one I used for this post..

Are they made using Adobe Illustrator? I've wanted to try those techniques out for wallpapers & such, but I'm not so sure what program was used or what they did. I've tried mostly everything in Photoshop, but nothing.

Thanks in advance if you could help me with this.
Icons are by fightstarr and xtatiq
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Scrolling Gradient/Colors Animation

I have Photoshop 7/ImageReady and Paint Shop Pro/Animation Shop 3, and I was wondering, how do you create blinkies with scrolling gradients/colors that go horizontally, vertically, and diagonally? Like this:

I'd prefer not to do it frame-by-frame, which I can do. There's an easier way, right?

I've looked back and there was an entry that somewhat asked what I asked, but the thread provided no help. It was pretty vague too, so I guess I'm not asking the same question; I'm trying to be as specific as I can.

The icons above are from sissykazam, making-a-memory, GLAM0URiFiCxx, and give-out-demolition at Iconator.

I'd also like to know how to make the "crazy" part of the animation from this icon (from give-out-demolition):

Thanks for any help. =)
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tutorial #8 - rebuild's kaworu (PS7, coloring, textures)

hey guys! jumoon asked me how i made one of the kaworu icons (+ variations) i had in my last batch, and so here i come with a brand new tutorial! i hope you guys find it useful. in PS7 (but i'm pretty sure this is translatable...):

make --> or

WARNING!: this tutorial is heavy-- not necessarily in images, but in words. i tend to speak too much ^^;;; enter at your own risk. click on either of the icons to go to the tutorial.

plugging: so not zen!, the mighty podcast.
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Glow effect

Hi! Ahm, I'm in a bit of a hurry, so I don't quite have the time to scan the posts here for what I want... I was wondering if anyone could help me in finding a tutorial on how to add glow/shiny effects to images and maybe even make them brighter? :D I use Photoshop CS.

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Thank you in advance!

* Solution found, check the comments. :D Thank you, everyone! *
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First Colouring Tut

So This is my first tut and if it doesnt make sense let me know and ill try and clarify it :)
I use PS CS2

Today we are using the Beautiful Ola Salo form The Ark 

We are from from  --> To -->

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Please tell me what you think of it :)


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Manipulation tutorials (PS CS2)

I've posted three manipulation tutorials in my journal, the links are listed below.

The first one deals with putting one person into a photo with another.

The second one deals with replacing one person's head with another.

The third one deals with replacing one person's face with another.

All are very big, long tutorials and rather detailed. There are quite a few images involved, but as links rather than in the tutorials, so they're dial-up friendly.
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