March 12th, 2007


list of tutorials

i have a lor of tutorials on my memories, so i decide to do a post with all we go..

I did not make any of these

these are taken from 
almost all tutorials are for Photoshop (some are translatables)

(if you are one of the maker and you don't want your tutorial here just tell me)

last update: march 12
nº of tutorials: 219

*********to the tutorials**********

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What exactly is saving as an action? How is it different from saving a psd? I look through the memories and couldn't find anything but how would I go about saving and using an "action"?
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 - Only 7 steps
 - No Selective coloring, no curves
 - PSPX ( Translatable)

Other Examples using same Technique:


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I need help with my rotating brushes. Yes I've followed the procedure of resetting every brush tip to default and trying again, but yet again EVERY brush rotates. My eraser, my brush, my airbrush. It is incredibly annoying I would really like an end to it. I use Paint Shop Pro 8.

Help appreciated!
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I have a couple of videos I wanted tomake into animations. The videos are in .mov format and imageready CS or animation shop 3 won't open it.
Is there anyway I could convert the file formatto .mpeg or something?
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anyone have any ideas on the coloring for this icon?
i mean i know there has been a million yellowish tutorials. but i dont know. there is just something about it.
it's more...orangish..brownish?
ya know?
i just think the coloring is gorgeous.♥

by daynawashere 
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Just a quick question that I can't find the answer to:

I keep making icons, and when I try to upload them onto LJ they say my file is too big.

Any ideas how I can make the file smaller?

Help would be REALLY appreciated. =D

Selective Colouring

Hi does anyone know how to achieve selective colouring in PSP 9? I keep trying to find a tutorial or something to work with but the lower versions that do achieve it have menu changes so I can no longer find it because of my version. I try other tutorials to try for a similar effect but it's not the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated, a tutorial, a tip, anything. Thanks so much in advance.
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Problem: Photoshop Won't Open

Hey all.  I have a bit of a problem and was hoping someone could help me out.  My Photoshop program won't open anymore (I have PS CS).  I was using it earlier, making icons, and my computer froze.  I shut it down and when I went to get back into PS, it loaded everything (brushes, fonts, etc.) at the beginning but won't get past that first part and it keeps saying the program isn't responding.  ImageReady still works fine, it's just the actual PhotoShop that's giving me problems.  Do I have to uninstall and reinstall the program or is there any other way that I can fix this?

Any help would be fabulous!
Thanks in advance (and please let me know if something doesn't make sense) :D