March 14th, 2007

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I don't know if it's just me.
But how exactly can you
use these textures on
icons? I've tried to figure
out a way to use them 
where it doesn't look 
disturbingly ridiculous
but I can't think of anything.

Anyone want to give me 
some tips/hints por favor?


firstly i want to say,what a great site this is!!! iwhat i want to know that i am a total beginner at making my own icons,and i have looked at the FAQ's and other bits but i am getting a bit lost at what to try first. i want to start from the begining,if possible. i have psp x anxi plus ps cs2, if that helps. oh and any toots will do, as a complete novice i need all the help i can get. you guys are SO good!!
thanks you
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Sorta-rounded rectangle help?

I need help on getting this shape.

(I took the icon from a forum board, forgot where. Sorry!)

I know all I have to do is probably color the opposing ends with the same color as the background. But the help I'm seeking is to achieve the shape using a picture instead of a solid color background.

Hope I'm not confusing anyone by this. Thanks for any help in advance..

Edit: Oops, forgot to add this in. I use both PSP7 and PS7. (I'm too lazy to update to the newer programs.)

texture sets

How can I find texture sets of the same design or color? I've been looking, and I can only find sets with variations? I'm looking for gradients that are all the same color, so all the avatars I make, can be of the same set? and textures are IMPOSSIBLE to find. I use PSPX