March 16th, 2007


hia everyone,
 I really like these animated icons they look so good:)i have tried everything but it didnt look like this..has anybody got a tutorial or can anybody succest one...Please i use photoshop cs2.thankyou
made by pippins_mcgee13

DD - DareDevil 01

PS:CS2 tut using selective color, textures, brushes, burn tool, etc.

Someone at my icon journal, phlourish_icons, asked for a tutorial for this graphic. I thought I would share it here as well.
Castle on the Water...tutorial

click the thumbnail to see the larger graphic.

It uses Selective Color, textures, brushes, the burn tool, etc. Pretty simple stuff. The tutorial is image heavy. Done using Photoshop CS2. I think everything is translatable, unless you don't have Selective Color, but you might be able to work around that.

Castle on the Water...tutorial

You can do all this on icons as well. Image heavy. Enjoy. :)
tv>game of thrones>godswood

gifs in Image Ready

I recently downloaded PS/Image Ready as a trial and I'm having trouble upoloading the images after I make them. I save them as gifs, but when I try to upload to Photobucket or my LJ scrapbook, it simply won't do it. Photobucket says "invalid MIME" and LJ just says "Uploading, please wait" but never does anything. I can open them with another application and re-save, and then it'll work, but it really cuts down the quality. Any ideas?