March 22nd, 2007



I'm trying to use liquify to make a small change in facial expression in the icon in this picture, but nothing is happening! I can't figure it out. I've used liquify once before and it worked fine, and nothing I googled or found in the memories helped. An screenshot with all the irrelevant stuff cut out is below the cut; that's the icon I'm working on on the left. I want the left side of his mouth to curve up more so he's smiling more. Is there anyway other than liquify to do this? Also, I use Photoshop CS2.

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blurring and lighting

hi. i'm a long time lurker. this is my first time posting. i want to know how to make this kind of effect. blurring and lighting different spots. I want to know how she made them glow and blur like that. Dont mind the border or the lettering. i have CS2 by the way. i tried asking the person who made it how, but she says "haha! its a secret! you'll never know" so i'm here to find her out..
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Hey, I'm fairly new to Lj here, but I've lurked long enough that I shouldn't be stepping on too many toes :)

This will probably be very stupid, but this morning I checked i_t here, and there was a set of  about 16 icons, all linking to different tutorials that seemed  decent. I checked back this evening and they're gone! I'm very confused, and hope someone can explain to me.

I don't think it was breaking any rules, and I hope the maker just didn't take it down :(

If it helps, they used Final Fantasy images.
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Animation Text Problem

Ok so I's using CS3 which basically had ImageReady bulit into it. I've made my icon and it seems absolutely fine when I play it in CS3.

However when I go to save it as a .gif and preview it the text is way too fast. Even though I've set it to about 5 seconds. I even tried setting the text to 10 seconds and it still only showed it for half a second at the most. I would show you a preview of it but I sort of want to enter it in for a contest :/

Question is does anyone know what has gone wrong, and is there any way to fix it? *is in need of help*
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Turn this into this .

Made with PS CS2, involves selective coloring, curves and color balance, so probably it's not translatable, though you can always try and ask me.

Find it H E R E in english and spanish! :D
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Icon tutorials

I was asked for a tutorial, so I made two.  They're just the usual step-by-step thing.

This one can be made using any program.  Very basic.


This, however, includes Selective colouring.  Sorry.