March 25th, 2007

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PS7 Help, Setting a brush to a pattern.

I've looked at the memories but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. In PSP it's possible to set your brush to a pattern instead of a colour so that you can use it and you'll get that brush shaped print of your pattern, I'm afraid I'm not explaining this very well. Is that possible with PS7? I've had a look around, but since I don't know how to describe it concisely it makes searching quite hard. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Eta: A better explanation, It's where instead of your paint brush being set to a colour and then as you use that paint brush you get the shape [a star, say] in blue, if you set it to a pattern [say Jensen Ackles' head] you'd get the star stamp filled in with bits of Jensen Ackles' head.

Solved, thanks to tsumasaki
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Hi! I've got a problem. I made this icon   but i wanted to use this texture  made by sanami276 I wanted to put it behind mischa ( as a background) but I don't know how can I do it! Please help me, I'm using PS CS2.
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who did this? credit-let me know!

Black screen, what the?

I am having a problem to do the screencaptures from the movies... They do usually end up in the black screen without an actual picture in it.... I tried to fix the preferences, and I couldn't find anything that is wrong... I am using the JASC Paint Shop Pro 7 program for screencapturing... Also, I did try with other movie players, and they do still show the black screens! Do you mind tell me how to undo the black screen? OR Just tell me the better programs to use for making animated icons? Thank you.
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help needed : get ride of the wet floor

Hello there!
First bare with me if you don't understand everything because english isn't my first language. Second, I'm using PS 7 (or PSP 9)

This isn't exactly for icon purpose but I need help with a picture :
I worked in an ice cream factory for a school project and it rained every day, so my pics look bad =(
I got ride of the rain, fixed the colors and changed the sky, but I'm having troubles with the floor :
Image Hosted by
I tried to take a sample of "un-wet" floor and use as a pattern but it looked even worse =(

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It would be better if the front page of my project has a nice picture on it, so any help is welcomed =)
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Hi everyone! So, I found this batch of icons I'm positive uses the same coloring and I've seen it everywhere! It's like a simple, sudle coloring that works on like EVERYTHING! I was wondering if anyone knew any good tutorials for it. I know it definately uses selective coloring but otherwise I have no clue. So if ayone here could help that would be great. Another girl asked the maker and she has yet to reply (she asked today) and I'm very impatient and I'm afriad I'll lose the url so any help would be great; thanks much!

link to batch:

I use PS7 and PSPX
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