March 26th, 2007

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3 Tutorials

Okay, so first tutorials ever. 3 to be more specific. Don't be too harsh :D
I use PSP9, but it should be easily transferable. And keep in mind that I'm from Germany & using the german version. So I might use strange terms or something.

Requested by aussiebuffy .

We'll be going from to (1)

and from to (2)

and from to (3)

Help with coloring? =(

I love this community, so of course I turn here for assistance <3

I'm trying to make a bright icon with vibrant colors, but I have a problem. I'm working with caps that are dark, but they have really great colors in them - lots of pink and green and yellow. Here are a few exapmples
Collapse ) going home...

ladeedah. im really not feelin the icon love. having 'icon block' i think. HA. anywho, got this while 'tinkering' around with selective colors, was pretty damn proud of the result. if you love it: COMMENT PLEASE! comments are my inspiration :) ok ok i'm rambling. on with the tutorial.

from to
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I don&#39;t know

Best/good program for animated icons?

Can anyone please recommend a good Windows program for making animated icons? I've read through the Memories, and the FAQ, and I've found some helpful tutorials, but the ones I saw seemed a little old and I wasn't sure whether the program they mentioned (JASC (now Corel) Animation Shop) was still the good one to go for.

I've attached an icon not made by me (I wish!) to show the sort of thing I'd like to be able to make. If anyone can help I'd be really grateful!

p.s. freeware is very welcome too! Whatever is good, and doesn't cost a fortune.