March 27th, 2007

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I have a coloring question.

I can usually easily change a black and white picture into color, using color layers and such. But for some reason, I'm having a really tough time dealing with changing skin colored stuff (such as skin obviously) into skin color. so if anyone has any ideas that could help... i would REALLY appreciate it!
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Text Help.

I was wondering if anyone could help me out.

I am trying to get fonts onto my photoshop cs2, and I can't figure out how to get them on.

When you click on text, at the top you have all of your options. The first option on the top bar is a T, which is what I am using to try and load the fonts. Maybe this is wrong, but when I click "load", and I have the unzipped files (from this site: ) I can get to the part where you click on what you want to load but there is never any actual text in the folder to upload.

Any ideas? :/


could anybody show me how to animate something like

and make it into something like

in photoshop?

i use ps7, and have the imageready along with that.

thank you <3

ps. the second blinkie was made in psp, and i cant seem to find a blinkie animation tutorial for ps.

Community pimping!!!

Ok, I spoke with the wonderful mods and got the permission permission to do some community pimping (just this one entry here, I promise) here!

You are making icons (or any other kind of graphics)? You want to know if your tutorial really brings the result that you thought it would? Did you recently try out a tutorial you found here and want to know what others REALLY think of the result?
Comments like "Oh your icons are so wonderful" are nice, but they don't help you to improve!!
You want to improve? You want to help other people to improve??
Head over there!! Join and have fun!!

graphicfeedback - graphicfeedback
graphicfeedback - graphicfeedback

This is a community where EVERY icon maker can go and get and give feedback/constructive criticism!
Zero/Yuki:The Forbidden Love

my tutorial 6:Miss Lavigne in blue tone

today, I want to make an easy tuto for messdestruction's request^__^
it's only TEN steps, has no complicated "contents",and quite not like my another really really loooong tutos I have madeXDD

hope you like it^__^

we are going from to

made in PSCS

Rules and Notes:
1. If you like this tuto, please comment, cause your comment is my power~
2. If you like my works, you are really welcome to friend me^__^

other similar icons:

my on my, do you wanna give it a try?
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