March 28th, 2007

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Hello beloved community,
I'm at my wits end so i thought i might as well ask.
Does anyone know a good way to sharpen scanned text, for example, something like this? :

This one is a little more clear than the majority of icons tend to be and its *still* kinda blury-ish. and the option to erase the text and just write over it isn't there as DC uses specific font which i have yet to find anywhere.

Pretty please, Help?
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A first-timer with a tut.

From to using Photoshop CS 8.0 and Image Ready.
The tutorial is windy, but not difficult.

Click here if you'd like to know how it’s done.
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Tutorial #2

From to

[x] made in PSCS2.
[x] involves: selective color, colorbalance, hue/saturation, brightness/contrass
[x] results are different with every image.
[x] this tutorial doesn't work to well on light and/or blue backgrounds.
[x] post will only stay open for a few days.

just go over here @ iconcatch to see the tutorial

Other icons made with this tutorial:

Preventing grainy texture of Flash to Gif conversion


First time poster. I went through the Animation Tutorials: the software recommended for converting Flash to Gif is only available for a PC. The newest version of Flash converts into animated gifs but they come out grainy. I learned Flash from a course I took on Digital Media and find it really easy to use now and don't want to learn another software if I can help it. I tried PS CS3 but I couldn't figure it out.

I manip and resize the screencaps in PS CS3 and have saved them into various file types but nothing seems to prevent the graininess. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks
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stargate; merkwürdig

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I have read the memories but I haven't found any questin like that before (though it can be that's only me being dumb).

So, I have *no* idea what I've done to my photoshop, but if I want to bring a picture from it's place to another, it doesn't let me move the picture, but the topmost layer. It doesn't matter if this is an exclusion layer, or anything else, it brings it. Ew? EW!
Someone help me please, I can't use Photoshop like that. *weeps*

polaroid brushes..

polaroid brushes..

okay, so i've been trying really hard to use them lately, and i get SO frustrated because I can never get the black out perfectly, and when I do, the frame is white, so i can't get the white brakground that I used to fill the image out perfactly either. [does that make snese] some are diagonal, so i can't remove the black perfectly, and it's making me mad cos i keep screwing up xD

So i'd just like to see some graphics people made, using polaroid brushes, such as blends, etc. maybe get some inspiration?

also add tips on using them, if you'd like! i think some people out there ar ekinda clueless as i am!

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