March 29th, 2007

New Kellie Pickler icon tutorial!

I'm sure y'all missed me, my graphics, and my tutorials... lol! So, here is a brand new Kellie Pickler icon tutorial, enjoy! I used this pic: Kellie Pickler to make this icon:

Program used: Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0
Translatable: Yes
Level of difficulty: Easy (all it is is color layers, and 1 hue/saturation adjustment layer! and it's less than 10 steps!)


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how do i do that????

i am so stuck...i have the animation and i have the frame BUT...and its a big but too, i want to put them together. its a polaroid type of frame/brush,i have both by the way, and i want to put the animtion into the frame so that it looks like a moving polaroid. does this make any sense? lol if anyone can help i would be very grateful.
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look what i made!! lol i would like to thank those who gave me some ideas on how to do this. i only have 1 other do i get my animation to run smoothly like it does in the first one? thanks again.
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Screencapping programs?

I've been thinking about downloading a screencapping program so I can make my own screencaps, but I don't even know where to start, LOL. Someone on my flist recommended VLC player and I know there's at least a dozen more programs out there. So which to choose? I looked at PowerDVD, but I'm not interested in purchasing anything, and it looks like you can only get that one as a free trial. Any suggestions on which program is better than the other? Thanks in advance. :D

Paint Shop Pro XI

Are there any tutorials on how to change someone's shoes or outfit?  I'm doing graphics for my advertising class, and my group wants me to have one person with four different outfits and shoes to match - so it would be four different graphics altogether.

Thank you!!
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Pulse tutorial

- Made in Gimpshop
- Uses curves and hue-saturation layers
- Translatable....I think.
- Works best with blue and green caps.
- My first tut. Go easy on me.
- Comments are love!!!!!!

From this: to this:

Here @ my journal

Other examples:

Invalid .png

Trying to open saved .pngs from a folder (into PSP, using "Open With"), an error box pops up saying it cannot be found.

Trying to open these same files through PSP, the files don't show up at all initially. I must select "all files". Then, when manually selecting and clicking "open", the follow error box reads: "This is not a valid PNG file".

So how to I make it valid? Changing the extension in properties or just renaming doesn't work. When I however the mouse over the images in their folder, it reads that they're .pngs.

Any help is appriciated. Thanks in advance.
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(no subject)

I was going to make an animated giff but since im so tired of having to take caps I asked a friend how she does them and she told me that you can open a .mov file in ImageReady.

Well I tried doing that and when I open it, all I get are white squares, like I don't get the actual images of the clip.

Does anyone know what causes this and how can I fix it?

PS: Im using PC and ImageReady CS

Doctor Who: Exterminate

Screencap program for Mac

Does anyone know of a (preferably free) screencapture program for Mac OS X that is similar to ImageGrab, in that it lets you take multiple caps of a movie and specify how often the caps are taken (such as every 3 frames)? I'm looking to make a mini-movie type icon, but I can't find any program that reliably takes screencaps often enough so that the animation looks smooth in the icon. The program would also have to be able to handle AVIs, since that's what I would be capping from.

Or, if that's impossible, does anyone know of a program for Mac OS X that can convert AVIs to GIFs? (In a comment to a post somewhere in the memories, which I can't find now, someone referenced a program—not by name, sadly—that they have that can do that, but I suspect it's only for Windows.)

Thanks in advance!

ETA: I forgot to mention that I've tried VLC, and it doesn't do automatic multiple captures, so you have to rely on your ability to hit the hotkey over and over again, which gives you a cap every half second, if you're good. I've also tried InstantShot!, if that means anything to anyone, and Googled around for that last hour or so without any luck.

Clone tool help

Hi everyone, I'm having a little bit of a problem. Im not sure if it's just that I'm being dense, but Iv'e tried for a few weeks now and still can't figure it out. Still, forgive me if it's fairly obvious, I just needed to ask.

What I'm having trouble with is locating the Clone tool. Iv'e found the pattern stamp, and Im not sure if their the same thing, but I can't for the life of me get the clone tool. I tried looking at the help section, but still no luck. He's a picture, I circled the pattern stamp.

EDIT: Got it, thanks everyone, it was all really fast and helpful