March 30th, 2007

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Text problems

I just got Photoshop CS, and I'm still getting the hang of it. I'm having a few problems when it comes to adding text. For example, I try to put in text in a random screencapped picture, and when I click the button to put in text, the size becomes supper small, even at 72 pt. So, I had no choice but to use 1200. 

Can anyone tell me why it does this? How to fix it? Because the text works fine on certain pictures. Does anyone face this problem? U_U 

Also, how do you put in borders on pictures and texts?

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Help with animating in Image Ready/Photoshop CS2

I'm trying to teach myself how to use Image Ready and I am so confused. I tried following a simple tutorial and nothing is working the way it should. I have Photoshop CS2 w/Image Ready.

I opened up two little icons saved as .png files in IR and attempted to make just a simple animated icon for practice and nothing is working.

This is the tutorial I tried, that I found in the memories. Animating icons in image ready
I got lost at the dragging the picture part because it does not work for me at all. Actually the whole tut confuses me.

My animation window/menu at the bottom is not blank like hers. It has one of the icons I opened in it. And when I click on the other icon it shows up in the animation window/menu at the bottom.

My layers pallette does not have the empty layers in it like hers does. (The layer 1 with the picture and then there are two more layers beneath it that say layer 1.) How did she get those there? And how did she get the text there? There is no explanation for this.

Obviously this tutorial assumes you have some knowledge of Image Ready because it seems like there is a big chunk of information left out.

If someone could point me to a really simple tut with everything spelled out, like which tools to click on etc. I would be very thankful. Just really simple to get me started. I think once I understand the basic steps and where the menus are that I need to work with I will catch on to the rest.

I tried Googling but it's like the black hole of gobbledy gook. Or maybe I'm just bad at Googling.

Thanks, I really want to learn how to do this.

Hai, question.

Hiya, I just wanted to request some assistance for some tutorial's I'm looking for. When I was looking around a couple of month's ago, I saw some coloring tutorial's. To be more specific, they were how to make certain color's stand out, red for instance. I don't really know how to put this, lol because I'm such an idiot when it comes to things like this! Uhh, well really...I'm looking for that but to be even MORE specific, I saw an icon somewhere. I cant remember who it was, but she had red highlights in her hair and the author had really made them stand out, and the rest of the picture was kind of icy blueish and slightly faded?

Anyway, I really hope you can help.
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Tutorial #1: Vesper

On request I made a tutorial that will teach you to go from THIS to .

I only use photoshop and this tutorial will be using Selective coloring. Please don't ask me questions about PSP because I really can't help you. Sorry.

The tutorial is in my graphics journal right through this cut.
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Allright, guys. Never had to ask for help before, but I've got a problem \o/

I'm running on Photoshop 7.0

Collapse )

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead ♥</font>

PROBLEM SOLVED \o/ Thank you~
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