March 31st, 2007

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Problem moving text in PS7

I've always used to arrow tool to move text in PS7, but recently it won't let me--it automatically selects the next layer and starts moving it, but no matter what I try, it won't let me move the text. Help, please?
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4th by some_kat
1st tutorial | 2nd tutorial | 3rd tutorial

SQUEEZING THIS IN BEFORE THE END OF MARCH. Because I'm that much of a procrastinator. u_u

Ah, but yes. I've noticed something about icon tutorials lately. They're all either involving selective colouring, or they're made for bright icons (lots of white, light colours). What about all those dark images that you want to keep dark? I figure this is a good idea to work with.

So, today, we'll go from:


Experience: Beginner to intermediate
Program Used: Photoshop 7 (TRANSLATABLE)
Resources included

At my icon journal.

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Oh boy. I got this really cool effect by using a transparent layer, this template, and deleting a layer. But I totally forgot HOW I did it. Can someone remind me..or help..or something?

The above was the outcome I had.
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Hello people! I was wondering if you would be able to help me. I have this image that's not extreemly blue, but blue enough for meto not find agood way to get rid of it so I could color it normally (i.e more reds/yellows.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I use PSPX and PS7; here are some examples of what I'm talking about:

Thanks much!
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In January I made an Anime/Manga/Cartoon Tutorial List
It has been updated several times, before there was 200+ tutorials, now there are 430
so take a look if you want.
here at my journal
t.hardy; wink unf

Help :(

Hi, I have Photoshop CS2.
So, I wanted to put some text on an icon. I clicked on the area that I wanted to put text in and started typing. Nothing showed up. So I started freaking out.
Randomly, I ctrl+T and stretched the area out and poof! the text appeared!

So basically, the text size is all kinds of jacked up.

Image Hosted by

A text that size should be, what 72pt?
It says it's 5105.34 :(

How do I fix this?
This happened yesterday and I thought it would disappear overnight.
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Hi, does anyone know how I can get this icon down to 40 KB without comprimising the quality too much?

I checked the archieves but most of the stuff was for ImageReady which I don't have.  I'm using Photoshop Elements if that helps at all.
Thanks a ton!

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Tutorial # 1 feat. Zac Efron.

My first tut.

- Made with Photoshop CS2. -- I don't think it's translatable into Paint Shop Pro. Sorry.
- Requires some basic knowlegde on Photoshop.
- My picture may not have the same brightness, contrast, etc than yours, so the result may not look the expected way for some of you.
- Includes Hue/Saturation & Selective Color.
- Credits & comments are love.

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Problem- PS CS2

OK the past few days I have been trying to sarch through archives and trying to fix a problem, but nothing has seemed to work, that I could find anyways.

I'm new with photoshop I just got it but I've been working with psp8 since it came out.. and I find a lot of things similar. (and I'm addicted to selective colouring) BUT my problem is...

My font is wierd, and when I mean wierd, I mean like; It's either tiny tiny tiny like I have to put my font at 1240 or somthing insanely large just to see it on a banner that's 300 by 100. OR it doesn't show up at all. Like I type and on the right hand side where the layers are, it says the words... but nothing is showing up and i've played with font size, merging layer etc etc.

Any suggestions? I didn't see a tutorial that was able to solve these specific problems... sorry if there is one and I missed it then you can you can tell me to STFU... but I honestly didn't find one that worked...

Thank you in advance.
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