April 1st, 2007

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10 - 15 minutes to make ONE brush

Okay. So. I've been trying to make brushes, but it takes forever just to make one. I can make the brush but when I want to turn it into an actual brush, it freezes my whole PSP9 for 10 - 15 minutes and it affects my whole computer by freezing it aswell. I have tried tons of things. I've even reinstalled it. Is there anything I could do to actually fix this? Please and thanks.
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okay...so this is my first time posting here, but i found this effect when i was messing around in photoshop, and i think it's cool - so yeah. i use photoshop elements 4.0...i don't know if it's translatable or not. probably not because it uses some effects i've never seen in other graphics programs.

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This tutorial is also used to help smooth out pixely pictures, as from-tv-caps so often are.

Go from: to

Made in PSCS2, Selective Color. Not translatable (...Only in coloring. But there are tips for dealing with pixelation).

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Hey everybody! This is my first time posting here and I'm very new at making icons. i don't know if I'm supposed to be posting anything other than tutorials, but I was looking for advice. I have been using photoshop so I'm still trying to learn the program. I've heard that most versions of photoshop come with image ready. Mine didn't so I was wondering what kind of animation programs you guys used. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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Weird White Border thingy

Okay, so when I shrink a picture that I've cropped or whatever I keep getting this light white border. I usually just use a black pencil tool on soft light to get rid of it, but I hate doing it all the time. So is there a way to get rid of this white border without having to use a soft light layer all the time?


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^^If you copy the picture, paste it onto a black canvas, and zoom in a bit, you'll see what I'm talking about.

Note: I use PS7
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Curved Text Help

Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows how to get text on an icon to go in a curved line?

I'd give an example of what I'm taking about, but I can seem to find one on my computer. :(

I've checked through the memories, but all the tutorials including it that I saw were different versions of my program and they didn't work.

I'm using Corel PSP XI.

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