April 3rd, 2007

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Okay I have problem with text in PS7. If I have a page open that is for example 200px width and I type text that is 180px width then I won't get the text in the middle. Then it goes from left to right and back. But It won't go in the middle.
Hope you understand.

What is wrong. He doesn't do it on school but there is SC2. Is that the problem. I have CS2 to but it's running slow.
nush. 🐶

screwing up the coloring.

Hi, I'm trying to save an icon that I just recently made, but my Photoshop Elements is distorting the color. When I go to save it, and I see the preview, the colors look different than how they appear in the finished product. Example. The first picture is how it looks on the tablet (?), and the second one is the preview of it to save it. When I upload it on TinyPic and/or Photoshop, it still looks crappy like that. It's been doing this with all mu icons/banenrs. Does anybody have any ideas/solutions? Greatly appreciated.
looking up H/Hr


Heres the tut princofwhales requested. Sorry this took so long. School has been EXtremey hectic.
but here it is
I'm using a differnt image than the one you requested but its essentially the same.
today we'll be going from.
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Glee:Niff - Warbler Practice

Harry/Hermione Icon Tutorial

From to in six easy steps! Made with PSP 9, but easily translatable.

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Inspired by the current challenge at hhr_lims but not submitted. I did something else for my entry, but I was playing around with the picture afterwards and really liked how this icon came out. Please don't use this icon in that challenge. ;D I'd have to hunt you down.

Zero/Yuki:The Forbidden Love

my tutorial 7:Harry shocked

this is a tuto without Selective Color Layer, as my friend valliegurl requested^__^

I know this result is not exactly like the original one(you can see the original one here), but I've try my bestXDD
the most important thing is without SC Laysers means I use many many MANY other different layers, and it is still complicated as my other tutos(or even MORE complicateXDD)
So, if you don't mind complicated, then you are very welcome to learn it^__^

today, we will go from to

made in PSCS

Rules and Notes:

1. If you like this tuto, please comment, cause your comment is my biggest power~~
2. If you like my works, you are really welcome to friend me^__^

other similar icons:

don't ask me why Harry's eyes are blue, cause I have no idea eitherXDD
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Coloring question.

...I'm wondering how to achieve this coloring. The icon is by me, but I simply can't remember how I did it, and I've tried many different ways. I use PS CS2 and I know selective coloring was involved.

Any help is appreciated.