April 4th, 2007

Tutorials needed....

i wondered if anyone can help me...i am getting a bit reptative in my icon making. are there any good toots or is there anyone who would like to show me how they did some of theirsso i can get some ideas. sorry but my head is running on empty right now....
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I wanna know if there's a way to get it so it looks like the waterfall in this picture is moving. So anyone knows a way to do it I'd love it if you could tell me or just point me in the direction of a tut. Thanks.
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Zero/Yuki:The Forbidden Love

tutorial 7:Harry shocked(modify version)

EDIT:hey everyone! I am soo sorry, I think I got something wrong here, I am so sorry to those people who have memoried or even tried my tuto>__<(here is my yesterday post)

there are two mistakes here:

1. between STEP 6 and STEP 7(not like the original one said between 11 and 12), there should be a step:duplicate the base once and drag it to top, and set it to Soft Light
that means I put the step in the wrong place, although the result no effected by the step very much, but I think I have to correct it.

2. many people told me about the Curves Layer using, and I have to tell you that MY TIPS IS WRONG, I don't know exactly why, but in this tuto, my TIP don't work, I am so sorry everyone.
And for PS user using, I upload a Curves Layer file(for PS), please go download it for use.
for other user, I've paste the Curves Layer's image in the tuto, please go and check it.

I've rewritten this tuto, cause the steps are wrong, and that makes all the results looks different@__@
Sorry, I thought my tips are right, but it is just wrong. Sorry everyone!

If there is still any problem, please tell me, thank you very much!!!

PS. especially thanks to spikesbint, indefiance, and badobsessions who found my tuto was going wrong, and pointed to me, thank you very very much!!

this is a tuto without Selective Color Layer, as my friend valliegurl requested^__^

I know this result is not exactly like the original one(you can see the original one here), but I've try my bestXDD
the most important thing is without SC Laysers means I use many many MANY other different layers, and it is still complicated as my other tutos(or even MORE complicateXDD)
So, if you don't mind complicated, then you are very welcome to learn it^__^

today, we will go from to

made in PSCS

Rules and Notes:

1. If you like this tuto, please comment, cause your comment is my biggest power~~
2. If you like my works, you are really welcome to friend me^__^

other similar icons:

don't ask me why Harry's eyes are blue, cause I have no idea eitherXDD
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tv&gt;game of thrones&gt;godswood

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Alrighty. First tutorial, so bear with me. I'm gonna show you how to make the icon I'm posting with (on the left). I got a lot of nice compliments from it, so I thought I'd give this a try. Made in PS CS2, no selective color, so probably translatable.

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(no subject)

I want to make an icon that is animated, like this:

icon made by cariel

I know how to animate the icon in Animation Shop. My question is, how do I get the icon down to 100x100? Do I have to crop each screencap separately before I make the animation? I have PSP 8 and Photoshop CS. Thanks!

Two Tutorials; CSI for PSCS2

I made a batch of icons last night and I came up with two ways that worked for CSI caps (since they are impossibly dark)...Hope they work for you..

Both are for PS CS2 (Selective Colour... sorry) and are pretty simple.

(PSD included)

Other icons made with this tut:

(PSD inculded)

Other icons made with this tut:
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