April 5th, 2007

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PSD files in PSP8

PROBLEM SOLVED! I was being stupid, sorry xD;

This has been going on since I got PSP8, but it's really starting to annoy me now. Whenever I save PSD files and open them up, they don't look the same. All Adjustment layers 'have no value', and their colorings are erased from the icon. Preview of what I'm talking about:

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Help with these..

Does anybody know a tutorial on how to make these at all? Also are there any other websites with these kind of brushes? I know this is an icon place but this is kind of relative since I want to use these on icons.

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I use VLC media player for screencapping, but I think for larger videos it doesn't cap as well or as frequently, so they become choppy and not very fluid.

I tried following the automatic capping here http://www.pibby.com/blog/2007/01/auto-screencapping-in-vlc/ (It translates to PC) which was really good because it's less work, but the screen caps were also not very continuous. I changed the recording ratio to 1:1, but that didn't really help.

Is there any other program I could use, or anything I can do with VLC to help me with better screencaps for animated icons?
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This may sound retarded, but I've made a gif in Image Ready and it has a white checkerboard over every other frame after I've tweened with the previous frame:

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Anyone know how to make it look normal? (I've looked in the memories, but didn't see this problem coming up.)
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Any Tutorials?

Hi Peoplez~~

I found a pic i REALLY REALLY like but i just can't seem to make it into an icon so that the text is readable and you can see the pic!! Any help? Here's the pic:

EDiT: I put the pic behind the cut just to be safe. ^_^;

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