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Coloring Help

Hello! I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me with the coloring of this icon here:

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I'm guessing there's an exclusion layer somewhere but apart from that, I'm totally lost. I use both PS and PSP.

I have no clue as to who made this icon and I hope it's ok with the maker that I'm posting this question. Thanks in advance :)

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Okay... I have two questions about colouring....

1) does anyone know how to get colouring for this icon:
  (icon by loleiasbits)

2) Does anyone have icon techniques for pictures like these:

Any help would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance,
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Gradient Map Tutorial

From to , and other stories.

I thought I'd write up some ideas on a facility offered in Photoshop which doesn't seem to be getting much attention at the moment: the Gradient Map. I expect that other graphics programs also offer this (unlike the elusive Selective Color), but if you aren't using Photoshop, you will have to seek out for yourselves the details of where to find it and what commands to use. My version of the program is PS CS, on a Mac.

Oh - I get a bit chatty, so this is quite long. Beginner-friendly, I hope. Quite a few images, too.
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Okay. My question is how do I get this effect in this avatar, with the "blur" in the backround from Nishi's head. Also, I'm using Photoshop CS.

and you can see more of the effect here:

*Credit to Raiu for the avatar and sig.

Coloring Question!

Does anyone know how to make this icon?

Not necessarily the brush she used to make it, just the coloring. I like how it's bright and natural. ^^ Oh! I'm using Photoshop 7.0. Thank you in advance for any help I may (or may not) receive.
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Sakura blossom effect?

Hi! You're gonna hate me for asking this question because I'm sure it's obvious, but could someone please point me in the direction of a tutorial that shows you how to get the "animated sakura blossom" effect?

Like this:

by kazekodomo

I swear, I've seen it somewhere before, but I was an idiot and didn't mem it. After googling like a mad woman and ctrl+f'ing every word I could think of the memories, I give. XD;

Also, which community would be best to ask where to find a certain type of texture and such? I know that this community isn't for that, but I have a question about finding a certain texture, and I can't seem to find the specific comm for questions like that. ^^;

Photoshop CS - Translucent Border!

Okay, my photoshop has been all wonky lately, especially the font and such but that ended up fixing itself somehow. (It's a mystery!)

Anyway, right now I'm having trouble with translucent borders around my icons when I crop them!

You can see it there if you zoom in. D:

Any help is totally appreciated!

Question about CS 2

I recently switched from PS 7 over to CS2 and love it except for one thing. A lot of time when making my graphics, I like to clip layers together and in PS 7, it was so easy to do, but I'm finding it difficult and I'm sure it's not so much...I'm probably just missing it. I've read the help files that came with the photoshop and the only way I could figure out to clip layers is to right click>>select similar layers>>click on the paper clip icon. The only thing is, is when it goes to select similar layers, I get bunch of layers that I don't want clipped. So then I have to go back and select each layer and click again on the paper clip to unclip them. Is that the only way to do it? There's got to be an easier way??!!
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Tutorial (1)

Heyy! :)
First tuto... XD Be gentle ^__^

Translatable? I don't know, I supposed because no selective colors ;)

It's easy but a friend ask me this tuto so I sharing ;)
I use several textures but unfortunately I don't remember where I found them... So if it's yours tell me and I'm credit :)

Comments in my LJ are really appreciated <3 /Comment ==> friend :) / (And be free to added me to ^^ )

Last thing, I'm french and my english is... Horrible! LMAO! XD So If you see mistakes tell me ^^ 

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Animation Question (SOLVED, Thanks!)

I was trying to find a falling Cherry Blossom tutorial that I could use for CS2. I found this entry: http://community.livejournal.com/icon_tutorial/2820781.html but it doesn't really help me.

Below is what I have...but it is way to big of a file size for an LJ user pic. I was wondering if anyone would have a better idea on how to go about making this (what I did was open up the .gif file, make a new layer and past my icon on that new layer), or if someone might know how to make the file smaller in size without messing the coloring up on it? Any help would be most appreciated. I am still learning how to use CS2 and don't understand a lot of things lol.

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i was wondering if any of you could help me. i've been trying to make icons and none of them are turning out very well so i thought i would just try text icons first. is there any trick to these or you basically just pick a color and font and go for it? i know this is a stupid question but i'm trying to familiarize myself with photoshop. any help would be appreciated.

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Hi. I'm using Photoshop CS2. I'm having some trouble when I go to add text (but only sometimes, it's weird)

When I'm working on an image and I'm ready to add text. I flatten it (merged, whatever) and I click the "T" and the spot I want to add it to..

I go to type and nothing happens. Well it does but very very very small. I can even set it to a huge size and it'll still be small. The layer comes up and shows that my lettering is being added but you can't see anything because it's literally 1 pt size. 

I'm guessing I'm not doing something right when I'm done with the image, right before I go to add text. 

Anyone know what this problem could be? Sorry If I'm not clear enough.