April 10th, 2007

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Tutorial (2)

Second tutorial... In english too... ^^  I hope you'll understand everything!!  ^__^

Selectives colors/Colors balance...

Once again, I don't remember where I found the textures I use... So if it's yours tell me and I'm credit :)

Comments are really appreciated <3 / Comment ==> Friend / (And be free to added me too ^^ )

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>> Behind bue eyes...... <<
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Tutorial #2

So, this is my first official tutorial.

Program: PS CS
Not translateable
Uses Selective coloring
Around 6 steps

Well be going from:

This to

And I'm also going to teach you how to fiddle with the settings when it comes to other pictures like for example:

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You can find the tutorials right HERE at my journal heypuppy
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I was using a tutorial from swimchick.net and it said add another point on the curves layer - how do I do that?

Input: 197
Output: 179
Make another point...
Input: 157
Output: 60
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I was wondering if this is a font or brush? If it's a font, does anybody know what it's called? I don't know if I'm sure to ask for font names. But I hear it's used as a brush so if anyone knows where I can find it, I appreciate it a lot. Or something similar..

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