April 11th, 2007

Replace Coluring - Marcia Cross icon

This tutorial will show you how to go from:


Step one:
- Crop and place your image. Foreground color: black.
- New Curves Adjustment Layer:
Input: 84 Output: 125.

Step two:
- Flatten Image and go to Image >> Adjustments >> Replace Color
- Replace Color: Hue: -180; Saturation: -100; Lightness: -26.

Step three:
- Stroke: Pen Tool >> Paths (Rounded Rectangle Tool)
- Title, and you are finished! :]
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(no subject)

Hi !

I was wondering how to get this kind of effect :

I'm talking about the text and lines on the pic, this kind of light-glowing effect...

Could anybody please tell me ? Thanks in advance ! ^_^
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'Save As' Help

I've just joined this community but I'm already having problems. . . ^_^;;

Whenever I make and icon on Photoshop CS and "save as', the image always appear less in color/contrast/etc than what I was originally making.

Does this happen to anyone else? (i'm using a mac)
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