April 12th, 2007

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i was wondering how do you get the kind of glowy part behind the text? i want to be able to do that for icons and headers and have tried to figure it out myself but haven't come anywhere close lol. so any help would be great. thanks so much =)

PSP: Using Blend Ranges For Selective Colour Adjustment

This is a Paint Shop Pro technique that allows you to adjust the colour balance of the red/green/blue tones in an image individually, similar to the way the selective colour tool works in Photoshop.

For advanced-level/confident users. Instructions cover PSP 7* and PSP 8, but should be translatable to newer editions.

* Edit: It seems not all versions of PSP 7 support blend ranges. Version 7.04 does, 7.0 doesn't, not sure about versions in between. If your layer properties doesn't have the 'blend ranges' tab, your version of PSP 7 may be too old to use this tutorial. Sorry, folks.

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Saturation coloring icon tutorial!

I made up a new tutorial, on bringing out the best of a saturation in an icon. Hope you like it!

In this new tutorial, you'll find out how to bring out the best kind of saturation in an image! Go from this pic of Carrie Underwood: Carrie Underwood! to this icon:  in 5 simple steps, involving no selective coloring, curves, or color balance! Very translatable and easy!

Tomorrow she'll be rollin' down I-10 Baton Rouge...