April 13th, 2007

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mini-movie icon question

Ok i'm just learning to make these and i'm not finding anything to help me in the archives. I have Ps7 psp8 and AS. I'm trying to figure out how to save this without it optimizing on me? Any suggestions at all? even just to make it look better. like i said i'm new at these so any advice is good advice for me. Thanks in advance!!!

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i made a post yesterday about this collage, thanks for the help!
well, i tried to blend the images i had together, like above... but it didn't work. i tried blending them together with the eraser tool, my lecturer also taught me to blend images together this way, but i've forgotten how it goes.
could anyone post a quick tutorial on how to blend images together, like above, please? i'm fine with the brushes, i know how to do that, just making the images blend is what i'm struggling with!

are there any good tutorials that you used to help you blend?

mhm, also recommend me a good community/site for brushes!

i use photoshop 7.0

please and thank you, i would appreciate this alot.
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Two questions

Alright. I have been putting off making icons lately because I've gotten really annoyed with photoshop. Alas, today is my day off, and I really wanted to make a few, but need some questions answered first, so if anybody is willing to help me, I'd love you forever!

[1] Every time I add a new layer to place text on an icon, the text has a line running through the center of it. I've gone through just about every option, but I can't seem to get rid of it, thus limiting me to textless icons. Basically, anything I try to write looks like this. Anybody know how to get ride of the strike line?

[2] This may be a stupid question, but whenever I set an image to greyscale, then add new layers, trying to add colored brushes over the top of it, the brushes are black and white. What needs to be done to the image to allow for color overlay?

Thank you SO much!
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(no subject)

Kind of an odd request, but I'm looking for TUTORIAL LISTS. I don't usually have enough time to look through all the post that have been made, and with tut lists i can just scroll through and save for later. All kinds of tut lists are fine. I hope this kind of request is okay! Thanks, ;D

Coloring help

I made these icons myself a couple of months ago, and I had the psd for it, but then I reinstalled windows and lost it, so now I'm wondering if anyone knows how I could get it?


They are all the same coloring!
All I remember is that there were some selective coloring involved, a light blue burn layer, and maybe a softlight layer I'm not sure, but I can't remember more than that. =S

I have PS7 and PSCS.

Help is appreciated, thanks in advance! =)
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photoshop cs2 problem

okay this is so odd but i now have photoshop cs2 on my computer and it LAGS so bad! ps7 never did but now it takes forever to do anything in cs2 because it lags for a minute and then its okay.

has this happened to anyone else? i know my computer is kinda old but i dont think there's THAT much difference between ps7 and cs2 is there? i even tried the beta for cs3 and it didn't lag like this
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Please help me?

Hello, I hope that someone on here can help me out with finding out how to achieve color effects like these icons:
(sorry I can't give credit to the makers of these lovely icons -because I'm unsure of who they are.. sorry!)

I know it's alot to ask, but any help would be appreciated - I use PS CS2. Thanks so much in advanced!
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Ok I'm looking for a tut on doing the cut out border thing.....like on this backround.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I'm not exactly sure who made it but I found it on the witchesofoz message board. 

Anyway what I want to know how to do is the border thing that looks like its cut out. Any help would be lovely! Thank ya. ^^

Oh and I'm working with pspX.