April 14th, 2007

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Tutorial (3)

Actually I'm in a... Yep... "Tutorial mood" !! ^__^  So... Third tutorial ^^

I still don't remember where I found textures and brushs I use... So if it's yours tell me and I'm credit :)

Comments are really appreciated <3 / Comment ==> Friend / (And be free to added me too for regular icon and tutorials updates ^^ )

Translatable? Hm.... Yes and no... For my icon I use Selective coloring... But result can be nice even without this step... So... You can try! 

From this  to this

>> She's a marshmallow <<

eye colour

i was just wondering if there was a toot about changing the eye colour in a picture? i use both psp x and ps cs2, but mostly psp. i have seen pics where the eyes have animal prints or the globe in them and was just wondering how it was done. thanks. :-)
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Sketch from photo

Another tutorial, because I am bored and my social life currently resembles that of a tree...

Made in Photoshop CS3 beta, though it's probably translatable, since it only uses gradients, blending modes and a filter.

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Can't erase anymore!

When I open a new hue/saturation layer, the layer mask is white. Isn't it supossed to be black? And when I try to erase a part from the hue/saturation layer, the layer  mask becomes gray, and it's like I erased it for 50%. Also the opacity of my eraser tool is a full 100%. How can I make that I can erase 100%, and that my layer mask is black again?

Click here for a printscreen.

I use PS CS2, but my friend (who's printscreen above) has the same problem and uses PS 7

Thanks in advance.


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I was trying out something, and I came up with this. And since I liked the result, I wanted to share it with you ;)
It's made in Photoshop 7.0, and since it contains Selective color layers, I'm not sure if it's translatable.

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To get things started today we will be doing a SIMPLE tutorial.
featuring William Beckett of The Academy Is...

I made this in PSP7. I am sure this tranlatable.

follow the fake cut!

icont tut # 3~!!

I'm still making tuts...because I'm bored and have no life. So like...
from Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket to Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket only in PS 7~!!.

Also, I think it should be translatable, to think that it only uses textures, color balance,curves, and all that jazz...even to the PSP user(I think :[).

Follow te fake cut~!!
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DoBS kiss

(no subject)

Back with another question! ^^

Basically I've never been very good at making my icons look very 'sparkly', where as elystia does an amazing job.

Here's an example: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Creating that smooth shiny/sparkly look, how exactly do you go about doing this?
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tutorial #4; sara sidle

I've had a couple people ask me about my colouring, and unspell suggested I do a tutorial, so I did one for one of the icons from my last batch. :)

Go from to in PS7. Uses curves and some selective colouring so sorry, but it's not entirely translatable to non-Photoshop programs. :(

Go here to see how. ♥
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