April 15th, 2007

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Question about a weird font problem

Edit: Thanks for everyone's responses. Looks like it's just a trick of the eye. Woe. :D

I like to use the font 'Georgia' at 5px for a lot of text in my graphics. However, while it looks really nice in black, in white it seems thin, faded and like it hasn't been anti-aliased (even though it has). I've tried duplicating the layer, blurring the bottom layer and putting it in bold but none of it seems to make it look 'right'. I use PSP 8 and if anybody has any ideas about what's going on, or if it's just my own imagination or something that just 'is', I'd be very grateful.

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I need some help.

Okay, so I made some icons and such earlier today in Photoshop CS2, and then I came back and now the text isnt working? It says the words that I type and whatnot, but it doesn't show up? I don't know how to explain it, so I brought a screencap.
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Hi there!
I'm attempting to cover up my lack of blending talent with some text and a box, but when I rotate the text, it becomes blurry. (Or it seems blurry to me, at least.)

comfortable1.png comfortable.png

I'm using PSP8. Is there a way to keep the text as clear as it is in the first icon when I rotate it? I've tried sharpening the text layer, which doesn't seem to do anything, and I'm pretty much out of ideas? Help?

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!
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Tutorial #6- Claire Bennet

Today we will be going from this to this: Using PS7, Selective Coloring and Masks. Not translatable to my knowledge.

Here at 7mins2midnight

For this icon, your number/colors will most likely be different. Use this tutorial as a guide to make your own awesome icon:) My user icon is another example of this technique focusing on reds and whites.

NCIS - What would Gibbs do?

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How do I get my icons to stop looking like this...

 (all speckled and not so nice looking)

and start making them look like this...

  (all purdy and smooth) [icon by anikafp]

I use PSP XI. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Hia everyone,
 Im really stuck using textures i wana no how to use them,as it gives a great look on the icon,can you take me through to any tutorials including textures.

and another help please,does anybody no where i can find round colourfull textures like these...(ive asked the maker but i had no answer)

Thankyou to every one that can and not help...(sorry for any inconvinience.)=(

Tutorial Master list.

I finally got around to updating the tutorial list over in my journal. There are about a hundred of them listed in case anyone wants to check it out. There is a mix of PSP and PS, but there is more photoshop tutorials than paint shop one. Sorry. :/

You can find it here.
Stock: Mask - October Amethyst (Purple H

My First Tutorial. PS7 Colouring Tutorial

Go from >>

to >> or >>

[>>] Made using Adobe Photoshop 7.0
[>>] Uses Gaussian Blur, Linear Dodge, Soft Light, Multiply, Color, Luminosity Layers.
[>>] Translatable
[>>] .PSD File included

Other Finished Examples (using same technique)

I made this tutorial with friends who have only just started using PS7 in mind.
Therefore I tried to keep the steps very detailed but basic.

For me I know my way around PS7 and It takes less than five minutes to do this.

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Icon I am using now, was also made using this tutorial.