April 17th, 2007

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Pop-Grunge texture (PS CS2)

I wrote a rather long tutorial on making large textures in the Pop-Grunge style. It's written for PS CS2, but I believe most of it is translatable. You can find it in my journal.

I also show you what else you can do with this and other textures: how to turn them into brushes, or create icon-sized textures, or larger ones from this one texture.

Make this:

(on a larger scale)

And from that, make these: Collapse )
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Translation problem

Hello. I'm using the GIMP and I have the instructions for PS. Any idea how i might do this?

Force your image into pure black and white using Image->Adjustments->Threshold, and adjust the slider for the best balance of white and black

The idea is i have to turn this colored image/photo into pure black and white. Thanks!
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I'm an avid reader of this journal, I haven't posted before, but I think you are all so talented and enjoyed making many icons etc with your tutorials. So thank you.
I know that it has been posted before, but I can't for the life if me find out where.
I have a problem in that, I made an icon based on a tutorial from here, I think, and I am really pleased with the outcome. My own problem is though, that it seems to be above the 40k limitation and I can't figure out how to get it down under that so I can upload it. It was made using image ready -

Here is the icon. All help much appreciated. Thank you again

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ETA: Problem solved. Thank you all so much!


Hi! I'd like to know how to make that kind of cleaning. I've been trying but it's useless for me >XD
I mean... How to erase all those gray stuff from image 1 and make it only black and white like on the second image (is it possible with first image?). I'm using PS. Sorry for not beeing accutate in this description XP

From this:


To this:


Please, help me! Thanks in advance!

Selective Colouring 101

Yes, I know some will say trial and error, that's fine if you don't suck at photoshop and aren't a complete nube BUT is there some kind of tutorial that gives you the basics on selective colouring?

A jumping off point to start negotiations with your own experimentation?

Just to be specific. Where to increase/decrease a certain colour or blend certain colours to get a specific colouring just in general because I know all pictures are going to be different.

Just something general like I've seen for cropping, blending etc tutorials for beginners.
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Adding Greek Text to Icons in PS

I checked the memories pretty thoroughly but I might have missed the answer to my question. The only thing I could find that was remotely close was this about adding Chinese, Japanese characters to icons. I read over it but it didn't seem to apply. (Or I might just not be comprehending it to translate the applications from East Asian characters to Greek characters.)

I need to add the letters for a Greek organization to a few icons. I could just take it off their website and do a c/p job but it is harder to manipulate the text that way.

Is there a font for Greek characters specifically? Or is it just a matter of using a language switch in Word and then c/ping into a text layer in Photoshop? Or is it just using some better google-fu to find a Greek font? (My Google-fu is weak today, apparently)

I use Photoshop 6.0, US Full version. Any help would be really really appreciated. Thanks in advance. :)

ETA: I think it is solved. Thank you to everyone for their great help.
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I feel silly for asking this, but does anyone know how I can adjust the text tracking in PSP 8? I keep seeing here and there that adjusting the tracking of text makes it look better, but I can't seem to find the option. I've searched everywhere - memories, PSP's help files, Google, I just can't find it. I'd really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks so much!