April 19th, 2007

elementary- holmes and watson 2

Animation Help

EDIT: I think I figured it out now. Thanks all

I checked the f.a.q. section and found a bunch of stuff on keeping your animation under 40kb but I couldn't find the answer to my question so I thought I'd ask:) I use PS7 and IR
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Sailor Moon: Chibi moon

Manga Coloring

Does anyone know a good tutorial that shows how to color Black and white manga images? Links would be helpful :)

I know, I know; check the memories, but it only had for photos not Manga specifically.

Answered, but feel free to keep on adding or using it as a reference point ^_^
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So. I have no clue how to paste textures into icons without masking the whole icon out. I use photoshop and I'm quite new to icon-making. Any tutorials of that or beginners in icon-making with Photoshop CS2?

got another one for ya

We're going to go from this: to this:

Simple coloring using exclusion and selective coloring done in Photoshop. This really works best with a picture that has decent lighting, and subtle hints of pastel colors.
You can find the batch that this icon belongs to here.

( Let's go! )

iMovie screencaps?

Hi, I checked the memories page and found screencaps using Quicktime, but I want to make screencaps from iMovie (Mac). I dont want to rip the DVD, and then convert it to mpeg just so I can screencap it in QT. it takes TOOOOOOOO long. any ideas?

I may be blind or not...

... but anyone know a tutorial or something that can help you how to make light textures like this one? More of like the circles in there. >>; Been trying to figure that out for a while. May anyone help me out? :x Thanks loads.

Texture by awmp.
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