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Ok this may be a fairly simple question to answer so forgive me if I sound dumb. Before I ask it I will say that I went through all the F.A.Qs/Tutorials of this place, tried everything that was listed, and nothing so far has worked. I'm hoping I just happened to skip over something or maybe did something wrong and this isn't a pain in the ass to figure out.

I use WinDVD 5 to play my dvds on my computer. It's not the full version because at the moment I am scraping for cash and a computer program is the last thing I need to be buying. When I go to do screen captures, if it is my first time clicking the button a window will pop up saying "You have x amount of experiences left". I think now I am down to 3.

What I am wondering is, is there any possible way for me to get screen captures once this trial runs out? Like is there some alternative program I could be using or something. I'm not asking for a way to get a pirated copy of WinDVD or anything like that, I am basically looking for an alternative way to go about it.

If this question is confusing I am really sorry but it's 5:30am so you'll have to forgive me. Any bit of advice would be awesome. Thank you.
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Ok, I make scripts in PSP 9 from my colorings/tuts, and i'm having a problem with some of them. After the script is done, the fill layers are blank. they didn't fill with a color at all. I have to go to the text script editor and find out what colors were filled in. i'm wondering why the layers aren't being filled. is there another way to fill layer except clicking on them? i'm figuring it has something to do with that. :(

Please help. thanks.

ETA: some scripts don't fill, some do.
ETA2: i have to re-do the scripts that don't work and type the hex code in the layer name so i know which color to fill it with if it happens again. :( pain in the *BLEEP*
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ImageReady help?

I just recently discovered that .mpgs and some .avi files are readable in ImageReady but for some reason my computer hasn't been able to read them. At first I thought that it was because of the version I was working on but my friend-who has CS as well-was able to open video files on her ImageReady. Does anyone know why this is or what I can do to fix this? 

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HELP!! I dont know if its a setting or what but when I try to use the text on my ADOBE PHOTOSHOP (I think its 7.0), its extremely small. The image behind the cut is whats going on.. Its at size 1200 (!!!!) and its TINY.. Please help.

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How can I got an effect like this?

HI everyone, it's my very 1st time to ask a question here.

I saw that many ppl doing this kind of effect:

What I mean is I just want the main part of the photo have colours, and other part I want them to be just BLACK&WHITE.
How can I do it? 

* I am using photoshop 7.0 / CS2 .

Pls forgive my english, I hope you all can get waht i mean.
thanks sooooooooooo much! :)
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ok this may seem simple but not to me...how do you get multiple images into one icon?
like this one.... i know there are more than just this way so any help would be nice.thanks.
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